The day Tuca was surprised by Cantinflas

The day Tuca was surprised by Cantinflas

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Ricardo Ferretti Fans on the street used to ask him for his autograph and anniversary photo, however He never imagined that one day he would be someone who recognized him Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”.

The tale the helmsman will never forget Tigers He said it during a press conference in University stadiumAfter joking with the press, specifically the journalist, who said that he will develop a mustache like the actor and comedian in Mexican cinema.

“Don’t pay any attention, they are jealous of us, tell them, ‘When we get a mustache, you’ll see how handsome he is’; How old are you, 25?

It was there that the topic arose, Touka talked about the day he ran into a gas station and Mario Moreno called it his title.

“The man was one of the few, and he was there once near Coagemalpa, and he used to live there; then I got to a gas station and the man was in his car and took me out.”

“If we had someone like this who was admirable, for me it was a canteenfouls, I went and touched his cup and said, ‘Sir, excuse me, I like you so much.'” He says, “Oh, thank you Touka,” and I, “Bum!” I was surprised, I knew who he was; I was like, “How would you know me such an important person? I was like a peacockThe helmsman boasted.

Cantinflas died at the age of 81 on April 20, 1993, At the time, Tuca has become an idol of Pumas and has actually gone from player to coach with One.

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Bigoton added, “His films are not like today’s films about massacres, all of his films carry a message, but they are no longer made.”

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