Adriana Aránguiz School students have a new and remodeled space.

Adriana Aránguiz School students have a new and remodeled space.

A beautiful and remodeled space called, “Playground and Physical Activities”, created for boys and girls in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, has been created in the school by Adriana Aranjuez Serda de Pinkaho, an initiative implemented by the San Vicente Development Foundation, through the Preferential School Support Fund (SEP), with corresponding actions in the PME.

This important project, which children can enjoy when health conditions permit, seeks to provide a welcoming, fun and sufficient space to play and participate, and at the same time, so that teachers and technicians in kindergarten can develop different activities and teaching and learning experiences that reinforce the goals of each area. Pedagogical, which is established in the foundations of the pre-school curriculum.

During the past week, Mayor and Head of the Municipal Development Corporation, Jaime Gonzalez, along with School Principal Adriana Aranguez, Alejandro Quizada, Secretary General of the development company, Lorena Capria, among other authorities, visited this new space has been added to other developments that have been made in Establishment, such as implementing a modern scientific laboratory and installing air conditioners in the various units of the school.

At the end of the tour, the first community authority and head of the Development Foundation indicated, “These projects will allow us, as soon as health conditions permit, to return our students to their educational activities in a good environment, to develop learning activities for each topic.”

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