The Disciplinary Commission imposes a veto on the Hidalco del Pacquiao Stadium

Permission was obtained from the events that took place in the first quarter semifinals of the Liga MX

Obtains a new permit பச்சுகா In order to keep the crowd high in the first round of the semi-final against Blue Cross, Because the Disciplinary Commission imposed a veto party in addition to the financial fine.

“Punishment Club Pachuka A stadium veto for a match, and economic fines, mainly for endangering the health of the club’s fans and staff. “

If the duos are removed Blue Cross, They will play in the final without spectators.

After the events, the Pacquiao City Council ruled in favor of allowing the team with a fine of 504 thousand 810 pesos for exceeding the permitted capacity and presented deficiencies in the matter of survival.

A few hours later, the club accepted responsibility for the events and pointed out that it would be self-selling when approaching the final of Mexican football.

Finally, the disciplinary authority of the Mexican Football Association decided to veto the Hidalgo ground, which could not get fans at its next official match.

The company pointed out that the club had failed to comply with the Prohibition Rules, Article 5 subsection a) and 24 subsections of the Safety Rules for Official Matches, regarding the protocol for returning fans to stadiums. Permission.

If the error restarts, பச்சுகா The commission said it could seek strict approval.

Cruz has already spent more than 12,000 fans attending the first leg of the semi-final against Azul. பச்சுகா Half a million pesos, veto Hidalgo Stadium, playing without spectators in the next game (which could be the final match of Guardian 1Ans 2021) and economic sanction not determined by the disciplinary authority.

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