The Dominican Republic will establish trade corridors on the border with Haiti |

The Dominican Republic will establish trade corridors on the border with Haiti |

SANTO DOMINGO — The government of the Dominican Republic announced Monday that it will open “restricted trade corridors” starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday to facilitate trade with Haiti in essential Dominican products such as food and medicine, especially for Dominican children. A neighboring country.

He noted that these corridors will be temporary in nature and will be subject to strict military control procedures and mandatory biometric registration in the provinces of Dajabon, Elías Peña, Independencia and Pedernales.

Immigration closures and visa suspensions will continue

However, Homero Figueroa, presidential spokesman, reported that “the closure of the border to immigration will continue indefinitely” to prevent the crossing of people from Haitian territory, and the delivery of visas to Haitian citizens has also been suspended.

The position of the Dominican government is contained in a statement read by Figueroa at a press conference. Its text is as follows:

«Message about the situation at the border

At the National Security Council meeting on September 11, 2023, orders were issued to close the border with Haiti to trade and immigration, suspend visa delivery and reactivate the La Vigia Canal in Dajabon, among other things. Sizes.

After careful consideration, these decisions were made to ensure national security in the face of political and social instability caused by gangs in Haiti and to protect the ecological integrity threatened by the unilateral construction of a canal in the Dajabon River.

Today we can say that we have achieved both goals.

With the borders closed, we keep Haitian gangs away from our territory; We stimulate the voluntary return of thousands of migrants; The entry of illegal immigrants is reduced; We control the smuggling of weapons and prohibited materials; Most importantly, we demonstrate to the international community our firm opposition to any Dominican solution to the Haiti problem.

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By revitalizing the La Vigia Canal, we save the flow of the Dajabon River, ensure water supply for our agricultural producers and preserve the biodiversity of Lake Saladillo’s wetlands.

New challenges and opportunities

Last week, as a result of three years of sustained diplomacy by President Louis Abi Nader, the United Nations Security Council approved the resolution authorizing the deployment of a multinational security support mission to Haiti.

This decision places us before new challenges and opportunities that we will confront with determination and creativity, strengthening some measures and reformulating others. Although always maintain that
The priority is defending the national interest.

Additional actions of the National Security Council

From this standpoint, we announce to the country the new measures taken by the National Security Council on Monday, October 9:

1. Through PANDEX, we will activate a fund to finance a large-scale agricultural mechanization program to reduce the employment of illegal migrant workers.

2. We will strengthen the militarization of the border to make access to our territory more difficult for gang members fleeing the MNF.

3. We will continue to close immigration borders indefinitely to prevent people from crossing Haitian territory.

4. We will extend the suspension of visa issuance to Haitian citizens indefinitely.

5. We will ban the export of electronics, cement, rebar and other construction materials to prevent the construction of structures that threaten our environmental assets.

6. We will enable temporary commercial corridors (CCP), with strict military control measures and mandatory biometric registration, in the provinces of Dajabon, Elías Peña, Independencia and Pedernales to facilitate passage.
Trade in essential Dominican products such as food and medicine, especially for infants.

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7. We assign legal consultations to urgently draft the executive regulations of Law 216-11 on border markets, to ensure high levels of security.

The measures will take effect on Wednesday

These measures will be implemented starting Wednesday, October 11, at 8 a.m.

President Louis Abi Nader said that the borders cannot and will not remain as they are. For this reason, these measures will remain the new normal at the border until we achieve a return to them
Governance in Haiti

“Our priority will remain defending the national interest and the security of our citizens.”

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