These are the common symptoms of Omicron variant

These are the common symptoms of Omicron variant

Variant Omicron From COVID-19 It is spreading rapidly all over the world and is expected to become dominant soon in most countries.

Although at this time it is not clear among the scientific community how dangerous this variant is, symptoms among those infected have so far been mild.

However, experts warn that Omicron can be more contagious than Delta.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The most common symptoms among patients with Omicron are:



Congestion or runny nose

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), variable Omicron Of the coronavirus detected in 89 countries, cases of COVID-19 associated with this mutation multiply by 1.5 to three days in places where there is community infection and not just by infection acquired abroad.

The UN health agency added that the omicron’s “significant growth advantage” over the delta variant means it will likely overtake delta soon as the dominant form of the virus in countries where the new variant is locally circulating.

The World Health Organization has indicated that the omicron variant is spreading rapidly even in countries with high vaccination rates or where a large proportion of the population has recovered from COVID-19.

The World Health Organization noted that it is not yet clear whether the rapid growth in omicron cases is due to the variant that evades the existing immunity, or whether it is inherently more transmissible than the previous variants, or a combination of both.

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Other important questions about the omicron variant remain unanswered, including the efficacy of every existing vaccine against COVID-19. The health agency said there was no conclusive data yet on other details of the omicron.

The World Health Organization first classified the micron as a variable of concern on November 26.

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