The Ecuadorean Embassy in Colombia described Pidad Cordoba’s expressions as “insulting” | Politics | News

The Ecuadorean Embassy in Colombia described Pidad Cordoba’s expressions as “insulting” |  Politics |  News

The former Colombian senator spoke in harsh terms about the country’s sovereignty. And it denied being linked to Alex Saab and the Sucre system.

The Ecuadorean Embassy in Colombia rejected the statements of former Colombian Senator Pidad Cordoba, who were released on the radio on January 11. FM world, where she was consulted for her alleged involvement in the investigation into the Sucre and Alex Saab system. during the interview, Córdoba was upset and insulted Assembly member Fernando Villavicencio, who had handed over the case documents to President Ivan Duque.

When journalist Fausto Yipez reported that an investigation was underway against a Colombian businessman in the United States, Cordoba stated: “The Alex Saab problem is Alex Saab’s problem, it’s not my problem (…) He told me a long time ago that I was being investigated or notified that I was under investigation. For reasons X, Y, or Z … but I don’t believe justice is extraterritorial. We (Colombia) are a sovereign country, and that’s why we are different from you (Ecuador), because we defend sovereignty, because we defend the ability that we have as a country.”

“We (Ecuador) also defend sovereignty,” Ypez replied. Cordoba concluded with: “What will you defend the sovereignty? Believe that a bunch of lies. He has ensured that his rat Villavicencio is still in prison.”

The Ecuadorean Embassy in Colombia responded to these statements on January 12, noting that the former senator “attacked Ecuador’s institutions and sovereignty in insulting and unacceptable terms.”

The embassy confirmed its rejection of “any humiliating demonstration against Ecuadoreans.”

Cordoba denied its involvement in the case investigated by the Ecuadorean Assembly over irregularities committed with the Sucre regime and the businessman Saab.

“this fake news (Fake news). It’s the way of that rat who was elected there to Congress, to the Assembly, (Fernando) Villavicencio. He lays out a very clear strategy, to try that the historic convention of which I am a part as a senator, and which I will elect, and President Gustavo Petro, can defeat us (…) I have nothing to do with him Sucre, I have nothing to do with the research money, said the former Colombian senator. “.

Yepez asked him how many times he’d traveled to Ecuador and if one was connected to a transfer he was going to have with his son and Alex Saab, on a private plane, in 2013.

Cordoba replied that he had traveled “a thousand times” to the country, but not for work, and that he had “nothing to do” with what the journalist reported.

They won’t put me against the wall. They respect me. It’s 40 years of political life in my country and on the continent. I have not been investigated for corruption. I was a person who was dedicated to peace, dedicated to hostage liberation, dedicated to building a different area, so they wouldn’t put me into bullshit or dark maneuvers.”

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As of 9:40 pm on Wednesday, the Ecuadorean Foreign Ministry had not issued a ruling on what Cordoba said. (I)

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