The end of using masks? Ministry of Health introduces “important changes”

The end of using masks?  Ministry of Health introduces “important changes”

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Cristóbal Cuadrado, announced that the government hopes to announce news regarding the mandatory use of the mask.

use masksIt is very necessary and is used by the population during the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the main measures to prevent infectionis no longer mandatory.

This was revealed by the Ministry of Healthwhich once again reported low numbers for COVID-19, a trend that has already been marked.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Cristobal Cuadrado, announced that “We are about to come out of the COVID-19 emergency period. It is a virus that will and will remain with us. It will have seasonal waves, as in winter. “

In this sense,We are preparing a transition plan as we advance into this new phase of the pandemic. It means analyzing all applicable measures that are commensurate with the risks. We know the risk is much lower than it was two years ago.”

«We are likely to see major changes in measures that we have currently implemented in the country, and within the set of measures we are looking forward to It’s about using masksAdvanced box.

Finally, the character of Mensal made it clear that the changes would be about «In what contexts will the use of a mask be required from a mandatory point of view, and in what points and contexts will it be recommended. Remember that there are different ways in which public health measures can be implemented, and there are many of them that are implemented voluntarily, while others are mandatory.

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