The epic of Tavares keeps hell alive and keeps Madrid alive in Belgrade

The epic of Tavares keeps hell alive and keeps Madrid alive in Belgrade

AndYou must wait for your return ticket. Real Madrid, after going from less to more and knowing how to compete in an infernal environment, won to breathe until Thursday in the Euroleague. Between Walter Tavares and triple finisher Nigel Williams-Goss extinguished the first flame at Stark Arena that there’s still another chapter to tell. Hits with Real Madrid, after leaving erratically knows how to make his talents earn another chance. they have it. It’s the law of the predator in your favorite competition.

Tavares was spirit and play, going up to 26 points despite a touchdown. Williams-Goss hit his best game in the perfect moment, with a final triple and a key in the last-period reaction. Madrid fought back, knew how to fight back and show that not everything that starts badly ends the same way.

Partizan flies out and Madrid responds

What is undeniable is that hell was in Belgrade. They’re not the ’90s nor that wild basketball, but the White City pressed on from the get-go. And this affected Real Madrid, who learned in less than two minutes how blacks spend it. At 9-0, Mateo reached his first Mito, after an inside lesson from Smailagic. Real Madrid came out without that energy and didn’t score their first goal until Williams-Goss’s free-kicks at 12-0 (2’30”), and that was somewhat relieved for the visitors, who relied on their weapons: Tavares and the transference. But Partizan hit back with three hits from Andusic and Smailagic To maintain momentum (21-11, 6′).

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Drama isn’t the best news to begin with. Real Madrid failed and bad shooting decisions. Partizan, fired by an exceptional orbit in the first quarter (10 points) and accumulated errors (32-19, 10 ‘) in a devastating partial. Shows differences in energy, play and defense. Although it must be maintained over time, Madrid has tried to make that great start more invasive What is the other thing. Rudy’s hat-trick and Tavares’ influence, with seven in a row, got them into trouble (41-37, 15′). They arrived late. But they came.

Belgrade hostile to Madrid: a militaristic, public address system that sets out to boo the whites…

New party

Response from the old imperial guard. Tavares, with 16 points in the first half, was the answer to Partizan by taking advantage every time he faced the basket. Moses completed that resurrection with the technique of drawing and signing a huge entry. Partizan cut successfully (5/12 with a hat-trick in the first half). Only Exum saved them with a great mid-range strike before the break (48-45, 20′). New party.

The thing in the beginning will not be repeated. The two teams went back to plan the entire series, and everything was shut down. If Andosić took a corner kick, Khizonia responded to give Madrid the first lead (53-54, 24). He tied the Whites definitively, shining with a header ability against the basket in the transfer of Moses and the Croatian, in addition to Tavares Omnipresent (58-62, 28 ‘). The story has changed a lot. Partizan traveled quickly, forced into errors, which Leday’s triple-pointer and Vukcevic’s score left a bit off (63-66, 30 min). But they did not give up, with a great showing in the last period.

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The cards have changed, the teams haven’t. Partizan went out 5-0, connected with Exum and returned to a state of effervescence. They cut through every white start, with Madar and the Australian Rope Walkers (72-72, 35 min) facing the cordon. He decimated, perhaps too much, Real Madrid who fell quickly in attack. So much so that Nunnally gave the advantage back to the Rebels with a transitional triple (77-75, 37′). Danger.

Williams juice closes the game

That becomes the art of closing the game. One that Tavares, epic in effort and play, did not want to escape in any way. First, he hooked with a massive hook, and then he made a huge mistake. Williams-Goss, from long range, hit a big three-pointer. He asked for calm, Madrid was where he wanted (77-80, 39′).

It’s the law of the jungle, you can’t let a predator die until it dies. Madrid fulfilled their final plan, Nunnally did not score the hat-trick that could equalize and Khizonga testified on the white return from the character. The fourth game in Belgrade is a fact, Madrid is not dead yet (80-82).

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