The expected recovery of women’s basketball in Cordoba is getting stronger

The expected recovery of women’s basketball in Cordoba is getting stronger

“We are full of enthusiasm,” he summed up the main characters. The year 2021 started with strong delay Córdoba women’s basketball. It is this that there is a long-awaited comeback in the field Cordoba Society (ACBB).

“I’ve noticed a lot of commitment. You have to get the girls to play,” he stressed Scientist d Silvina Trappella, The history of basketball in Cordoba.

“Bibi”, who was a player for the Argentine national team, added, “There is a great desire.” She is now a coach, as well as always a fighter for her sport.

My history is Silvina Trappella, a former national team player, who joined U as a coach. (Javier Ferreira / The Voice)

This step started two years ago with a project we submitted, but in 2020 the Coronavirus stopped everything. Now we are on our way to a resurgence in ACBB, “adds Lorena Romano, Unión de Unquillo coach and union basketball coordinator.

Often times, the addition of local clubs that provide spaces for girls’ sports start has been postponed.

To the historic institutions of the branch, such as Universitario and Bolívar de Carlos Paz, who have worked for years training players, the last time several of them were added. In 2021, clubs with a strong influence on domestic basketball include women’s teams such as Mattenzo, Barrio Maypo, Juniors and Hindu Clubs. However Robin Magnano confirmed in his new position as a consultant for “H”.

U and Bolívar players train all year to compete for only one month. Through the domestic championship, they will be able to play a full long season. In principle, there will be differences between those who have been in the activity for years and the girls who have joined.

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“It is imperative that historical entities join the activity,” stressed Romano, who was a player before he was today a DT and a pioneer in the federation.

Universitario signed “La Pepe” Trappella as a coach in the last hours, which will enable the leading club in the city. “It’s been four years since I managed,” he said, “I was a bit angry … I’m going to train from under 15 to first.” Sophia Pelezon, a Foundation player, is in charge of the secondary categories.

The cause of “boom” was the young. In less than a month into the project, she gathered 30 major players (1st and under-19) players.

Difficult. Youngsters arm themselves to compete in women’s basketball. (Courtesy of Juan Cruz Atide)

“We didn’t expect this result very soon, with so many players in such a short time. But it is clear that when the girls have space to train, they join in. They join in. They need a field and a mentor,” said Juan Cruz Atide, Albu leader. Something naturalized for us men. “

The arrival of Coach Nacho Correas was crucial to the Juniors project. “We were surprised. We are very excited. It would be ideal for the clubs to come together to work together for the real growth of women’s basketball in Cordoba.”

“We have to unite to advance basketball in Cordoba,” concedes Trapela.

Cecilia Acevedo is one of the players who joined the Juniors Project. At the age of 24, he plays for Primera del Albo.

“After the year we went through with the pandemic, I had a lot to win to play again. Nacho (Correas, the coach) called me and invited me to the Juniors club. It’s so good to play again,” says Acevedo, born in Las Lumiras, Formosa.

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“La Chechu” has lived in Cordoba for nine years, although in 2019 she sang at the Red Star de Catamarca, where she played the Federal Championship. He also sang in Santa Fe. ”An amazing group was formed in the club, with an equal level to give us a good competition.

(Facebook Cecilia Acevedo)

“I am very pleased with how women’s basketball is being promoted in Córdoba. It is very important that new clubs, like Juniors in this case, want to develop the activity. What I want most is to develop it” highlighted Acevedo, who played in 2017 at the University.

In addition, “La Chicho” is a “teacher” of the smaller clubs: Mosquito, Primini and Minnie. He added, “It is an opportunity that I enjoy very much with this opportunity that they gave me at the club with the younger ones. In the mini-mix, we are working to add girls under the age of 15 and under 17 years old.” “I like to pass the passion and desire for the game to the little ones,” he continued.


Matenzo, Impalm, Universitario, Bolivar, Barrio Maipo, Villa Azali, Union de Oncio, Juniors, Barrio Parque, Las Palmas, Hindu and Belgrano are the subsidiary entities that will have attendance this season, confirmed by ACBB.

Salsipides, Jorge Newbery de Río Ceballos, León XIII and Sarmiento de Carlos Paz will do so as “guests”. At the same time, several “small schools” have been added to add girls to the activity.

Based on the interest of Medardo Liguria, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation in the Municipality of Cordoba, Hold meetings at the beginning of the year to find out the reality Of activity. Two university campuses appeared to attract the players.

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The first, as a preview of the main watch, had 71 participants. The second, which gave a boost to activity, was held last February at the reconfigured General Buzz Sports Center with 140 players.

Activity. The February campus at the General Buzz Sports Center led to activity. (Courtesy ACBB)

Thus was born the tournament that will mark the return of associative basketball. “It starts with a 3×3 run-in at the right time with five to five,” assured Robin Whelan, President of ACBB.

The intention is to start at the end of March, or in the early days of April, on a Sunday. As more girls join the activity, they will be divided into three sections: Junior and U13, the second with U15 and U17, and the largest between U19 and First.

Romano continued: “The idea is that the clubs unite to improve competition.”

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