The final examination of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal confirms the qualified majority of the ruling party

The final examination of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal confirms the qualified majority of the ruling party

The Supreme Election Court confirmed the 100% process of the meeting minutes. According to the TSE Chairman, the results of the preliminary examination have been confirmed.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) confirmed that 100% of the records were processed and that the data released in the initial vote was confirmed as the New Ideas Party established itself as the person with the most votes in the election, still with a qualified majority in the El Salvador Congress for the commission Upcoming legislative 2021-2024.

“As the trend took hold, it was the party that received the highest votes, the largest representatives, the trends remained unchanged, and the preliminary scrutiny was almost coherent,” said President of the Electoral Court, Dora Esmeralda Martinez.

TSE court judge, Guillermo Wellman, said they are preparing the final examination minutes and confirmed that, no later than Tuesday next week, they will hold a press conference to announce the consolidated document.

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Yesterday, there were three missing tables that had been operating in the morning, from the counties of La Union, San Salvador and Sonsonate, that had been closed for audit and had been entered into the system, the court judges said.

“The law stipulates that in order to close the audit, and to achieve the record, this must be done by a qualified majority, that is, by four votes. Until next week, we will implement a national channel, which may be on Monday.”

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He added that the Supreme Electoral Court does not undertake to set a day for issuing the report of the final audit results, as it must be carefully reviewed according to the election data, then published and political parties informed of this. He pointed out that the term is enabled for the commission to receive cancellation appeals, “if any of the political institutions does not agree to the final vote, the means of appeal are enabled as stipulated in the election law.”

On the use of technological equipment in the upcoming elections, the judge pointed out that every electoral process has flaws that have been resolved in this electoral process and that there are lessons learned in the February 28 elections.

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Every electoral process has its drawbacks. We will not say that we did not have any incidents, you know how the technological system was questioned and the failures we encountered were publicly accepted, but it was resolved through the proof of the security codes, and the proof of the attacks on the day of the election event on February 28, in which we were working with technicians from The (national) encryption center is in Spain so that we will not be exposed to cyber attacks. “

He added that the Supreme Electoral Court had made tremendous achievements in implementing technology and that in electoral matters it was recognized at the level of Latin America, as international observers, who were alert to the electoral process, pointed out the importance of modernizing the electoral process. .

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“There are many challenges. The system needs to mature in the upcoming elections of 2024, there is a lot to work on, voting abroad is also coming and a system must be designed in which there is no delay and it is the dream of the different citizens of El Salvador,” Martinez said.

Supreme Election Court Judge Noel Orellana confirmed that since yesterday they have been working on the law and the final examination decree, “I believe that we as the Supreme Court of Elections will be given a common position specifically to share with the media (results).”

He said that they conducted a quick analysis of the results of the final examination and the evolution of the electoral process, “We will later conduct a study to strengthen what worked and to improve what may not have worked as we expected.”

He added that as with any process, there are sectors that have noticed that the electoral process and the application of technology to the elections have succeeded, but there will be other votes indicating the opposite.

“We as an institution will take into account all that is good, everything that comes to contribute, to strengthen the electoral processes in the future,” the official said.

He also commented that the judges have read reports issued by international organizations on the development of the electoral process and the initial and final scrutiny, which is positive for the Turkish Electoral Court, as they acknowledge the organization’s transparency and work.

“With great humility, we may consider them to be the Supreme Court of Elections, but it is a matter of pleasure and happiness that institutions such as the (National) Cryptography Institute in Spain and the Organization of American States itself recognize the work, and the transparency with which the Court has acted. High electoral court.

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Orellana stated that the Office of the Public Prosecutor for the Defense of Human Rights has also recognized the transparency of the electoral process by the Supreme Electoral Court.

He added that there was criticism about the time it took the court to issue the results, but he acknowledges that there was hard work at the tables to finish the count as quickly as possible. “Perhaps for the first time in the last six elections, one hundred percent of the records were examined, meaning that the will of all Salvadorans who They went out to vote had been counted and respected.

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