The German accused of being a double agent and spying for Russia had access to intelligence from other countries

The German accused of being a double agent and spying for Russia had access to intelligence from other countries
One of the headquarters of the German Intelligence Service (AP)

Discovery alleged double agent, The German Vice-Chancellor was described as “extremely worrying” by the German Vice-Chancellor, while German media indicated that He had access to information from allied countries.

Citing sources from the security services in Berlin, the outlet Focus on the Internet On Friday it was claimed that the double agent discovered was an order The top-secret technical intelligence services of the German Federal Intelligence Service abroad.

Within the framework of these functions, he had access to all information from the secret services of the BND’s Western allies, German online media say.

This could include information received from eavesdropping on other intelligence agencies, especially The National Security Agency American and GCHQ British.

Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) headquarters (Reuters/Axel Schmidt)
Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) headquarters (Reuters/Axel Schmidt)

On Thursday, the Karlsruhe public prosecutor’s office announced the arrest of the German citizen a day earlier Karsten L.Federal Intelligence Service (BND) agent, the suspect “high treason” To transfer sensitive information to Russia.

Question by German TV RTL s NTVGermany’s Economics Minister and Vice-Chancellor, Robert Habeck, called the issue “particularly troubling” in the midst of Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine that began on February 24.

The Minister of Justice, Marco Buschmann, considered on Twitter that he was not involved in this case “How vigilant we must be.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said that the double agent “handed over the information collected in the framework of his work to a Russian intelligence service in 2022.”

Bruno Kahl, head of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, warned on Thursday that “any details made public in this case represent an advantage for this adversary, in his intent to harm Germany.”

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