The grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo will have their own space in Cordoba

The grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo will have their own space in Cordoba

During the afternoon, the governor of the province, Juan Chiaretti, received a signal from the grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo Córdoba, Sonia Torres. The reason for the meeting was an explicit request from Torres that the organization have a physical headquarters in Córdoba, as in the different provinces of the country.

As indicated officially, the Governor has pledged to establish an institution in the central area of ​​the city of Cordoba where the human rights institution can carry out its activities. On the other hand, he confirmed that relevant steps are already being taken to respond to the request.

On the other hand, Schiaretti and Torres participated in the development of Program for digitizing birth certificates with identity. This initiative, as indicated by the government, comes from the agreement signed between the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Ministry of Finance and the Civic Assembly of Apollas de Plaza de Mayo.

The goal of the program is to finish with the digitization of records to aid in the task of identifying and identifying identities stolen during the last civil-military dictatorship. This work is performed by interns belonging to UNC.

In this sense, they stated that the completion of digitization was scheduled for December 2022. In this sense, the governor promised to increase the number of UNC interns to finish before that date.

The partial results of the program were as follows:

  • Scanned records: 510453 (100%)
    ● Minutes posted: 367,104 (72%)
    ● Records uploaded and entered into the RCD system: 142,325 (50%) of 282,126
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They explained from the governorate that the data download process has increased by 277% since the governor in March signed the agreement with the UNU School of Economics to strengthen the birth certificate digitization program by integrating 20 trainees and 2 supervisors.

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