The handball, volleyball, and basketball teams began with a sporting focus

The handball, volleyball, and basketball teams began with a sporting focus

On Saturday and Sunday, the San Luis athletes took a step further in their physical and artistic preparations at the “Ave Fénix” Sports Development and Specialization Center and at the Lafinur Club. The head of the sports program, Cynthia Ramirez, accompanied the athletes during the conference.

San Luis begins the countdown to the 2021 dual-games and 8 months before the start of the competition, which the province will be organizing between November 7 and 13, the first focus of the San Luis volleyball, basketball and handball teams was at “Ave Fénix” and at Lafinur Club. It should be noted that the pre-preparation began on the first of February for all specialties.

The rallies were attended by more than 130 athletes from San Luis, Villa Mercedes, La Punta and other cities in the interior of the province such as Concaran, La Toma, Telesaro, Queens, Buena Esperanza, Cortaderas and Logan. The training sessions were divided into two groups, one with athletes with an athletic show and the other with those who had previously competed in dual nationality.

Sports Program Manager Cynthia Ramirez followed the training sessions closely, anticipating the start of focus, and encouraged and motivated the athletes with a welcoming speech: “This process will help them make choices and move forward. Find alternatives and value the process more than the goal we want to reach. Personal engagement will make a difference. We want this process not to end in bi-national companies, but rather to continue to compete. This is just the beginning and we are here to accompany and contain them, “he told the young athletes.

During the first phase of the promotion, the sports program teachers and coaches visited various parts of the province to promote and advertise the binational games. In this second phase, the meetings will allow the boys to come together, integrate and share their goals for the month of November.

The concentrations were calculated in the presence of coaches from cities within the governorate, who used the space to monitor the training and preparation of athletes. In contrast, the handball selection was visited by Evelyn Astudillo, a national referee and president of the San Luis Referees Federation, who has taught and mentored athletes with practical tools to avoid penalties and promote fair play.

Note and pictures: Click on the sports program.

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