The head of the Democratic Revolution Party sees “deterioration” and “fallacy” in the government.”

The head of the Democratic Revolution Party sees “deterioration” and “fallacy” in the government.”

Miguel Vargas Maldonado

SAN CRISTOBAL: The presidential candidate of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, reiterated his concern about, in his opinion, the “level of decline” that different regions of the Dominican Republic are experiencing.

Vargas spoke in the community of Nigua, in this province, at an event where Benito Reyes (Maniquin) was announced as a candidate for mayor.

“Today it can be confirmed, regardless of politics, that the educational system is experiencing a waste of resources amounting to 4% of GDP. Likewise, violations of fundamental rights were evident, such as those condemned by the United Nations.”

“Weakness and fallacy”

He added: “We Dominicans were able to confirm the deterioration and fallacy of this government.”

He said, “To all this, we will add the expected increases in air ticket prices starting next January, which constitute an attack on one of the country’s main sources of foreign currency and which, after the Covid-19 pandemic, meant the overall economy.” Stability and the source of the economic recovery we are witnessing.”

budget deficit

He added: “Now we have learned of the worrying situation represented by the budget deficit that the government accuses and recorded within the framework of the budget amendment.”

The flight contract was called into question

He said the renegotiation of the Dominican Airport contract came as a surprise to the Dominican people. In his opinion, “This is an ambiguous measure, and it shows the current government’s need to cover the budget deficit and its desire to do business in the face of deterioration in areas in which important progress has been achieved.”

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He pointed out that renegotiating that contract threatens tourism, and therefore “we will pay the most expensive plane tickets.”

He said: “It is certain that dishonesty and blatant violation of local and international laws, principles and agreements is part of this terrible government’s disgrace and its indelible stain.”


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