The Hottest Current Soccer Players

The Hottest Current Soccer Players

Alt: Cristiano Ronaldo
Title: Cristiano Ronaldo


These players have made not only men but also girls fall in love with soccer. Millions of female fans follow their play on the field with rapturous eyes. In this article, tells about the hottest soccer players you can see on the field.

Neymar, 28 (Brazil)

Alt: Neymar
Title: Neymar


The Brazilian striker, who plays for the French PSG, is often added to the ratings of the most attractive soccer players. The 28-year-old athlete is an idol of girls who are passionate about soccer, and this fact is telling. Neymar had many affairs in his youth, and at the age of 19, he became a father.

Philippe Coutinho, 28 (Brazil)

Alt: Philippe Coutinho
Title: Philippe Coutinho


Another proof that Brazilian guys are some of the hottest. Philippe Coutinho has won the hearts of twenty million followers on Instagram. The midfielder and at times striker of the Spanish Barcelona is married and raises two children, a boy and a girl.

Fabian Schar, 29 (Switzerland)

Alt: Fabian Schar
Title: Fabian Schar


If in fairy tales there was a prince who played soccer, he would be like Fabian Schar. The Swiss plays for English club Newcastle United. You can bet on the next match of this team in one of the bookmakers, reviews of which you can find on

Antoine Griezmann, 29 (France)

Alt: Antoine Griezmann
Title: Antoine Griezmann


In 2018 Griezmann became the world champion with France. And in 2016 he was recognized as the best player of the European Championship. In general, by the age of 29, Antoine has become a real star of world soccer, so fans should definitely know his face.

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Marco Asensio, 25 (Spain)

Alt: Marco Asensio
Title: Marco Asensio


At 76 kilograms, Marco is 182 cm tall, which is quite acceptable for world soccer. Yet, as a child, his height was a cause of worry for the young player. According to Asensio, he grew up very slowly. One of the most beautiful soccer players in the world plays for Real Madrid. He has already won many trophies with this club.

Jordan Henderson, 30 (England)

Alt: Jordan Henderson
Title: Jordan Henderson


The Liverpool captain won the Champions League last year. He looks more like an English gentleman than a soccer player, and that’s his appeal! Since 2014, Jordan has been happily married to lovely Englishwoman Rebecca Burnett. The couple is raising three children.

Sergio Ramos, 34 (Spain)

Alt: Sergio Ramos
Title: Sergio Ramos


Another reason for girls to watch soccer is the Spanish soccer player, defender and captain of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos Garcia. Sergio is regularly included in all kinds of lists of the sexiest athletes on the planet.

Sergio has a girlfriend, whom he soon plans to marry. It is the journalist Pilar Rubio. The couple is raising three sons.

Lionel Messi, 33 (Argentina)

Alt: Lionel Messi
Title: Lionel Messi


The captain of the Argentine national team and Spanish Barcelona has been voted one of the most attractive athletes in the world many times by female magazine readers. He is also one of the best footballers of our time. In 2017, Messi broke the hearts of millions of girls by marrying his longtime childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo. The couple has three sons.

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Gerard Pique, 33 (Spain)

Alt: Gerard Pique
Title: Gerard Pique


This Barcelona defender has melted many women’s hearts with his manly look and impeccable hairstyle. He has become an integral part of the Spanish team since his debut in 2009.

Pique has been dating Colombian beauty, Shakira, ever since they first appeared together in the video for the song Waka Waka. One of the most beautiful couples in the world has two sons.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 35 (Portugal)

Alt: Cristiano Ronaldo
Title: Cristiano Ronaldo


Soccer experts call Cristiano one of the best players of all time. He is the only player in history who managed to win the championships of England, Spain and Italy. And they also call him one of the most generous. Ronaldo has donated more than 10 million euros to charity.

Cristiano is raising four children with Spanish dancer and model Georgina Rodriguez.

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