Verstappen 'accuses' Checo Pérez of hitting his RB20 in Miami

Verstappen 'accuses' Checo Pérez of hitting his RB20 in Miami

he Miami Grand Prix It continues to be something to talk about, although not because Lando Norris won his first race, but because of the maneuver he pulled Czech Perez In the first round. The man from Guadalajara saw the opportunity to pass Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) at the first corner, although the move did not work and he almost collided with his teammate. Max Verstappen.

In fact, the Dutchman spoke to the media (including Motorsport) and confirmed that the Mexican He crashed his car a little. On the other hand, he did not want to say whether it would affect his result in Miami, where he finished second behind the McLaren driver.

What did Verstappen say about Chico Perez's maneuver?

Perez was very close to sneaking into second place on the first lap of the Miami GP race. However, for No grip followed It fell to fifth place.

The Mexican's maneuver ended with the RB20 going overboard and off the track and when he was able to recover the car he had already fallen down the classification. according to the abovehe Chico's car collided with the back of his car.

“Yes, I was very conscious. I mean, I turned around and saw him blocking. I followed the race and there was like He scratches in myself publisher. So there must be something. But yeah, it was very close. Of course, things could have ended in disaster for the team as well. So yeah, it was luck.”

This is how the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship works

despite of Red Bull Can't win Miami GB The Austrian national team remains the same Absolute leader In classification Builders With 239 points, 52 units behind Ferrari, which ranks second.

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As for Drivers' Championship, Max Verstappen He continues to lead with 136 points, while Czech Perez He is in second place, as he has 103 units in his closet.

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