The houses left by “José Jose” cause a dispute between his heirs | 123

The houses left by “José Jose” cause a dispute between his heirs |  123

by William Guzman P.

The second wife of José José, Ana Elena Norina, better known in the art world as Anel, whom he married in 1976, does not want to spend a single dollar! Of the 594,000 he inherited, to pay the salaries of the lawyers who proposed sue Saras (also the artist’s ex-partner and daughter of the same name) in order to prevent them from taking over the two homes, they are also part of the material heritage left by the singer who died on September 28, 2019.

According to TVNotas, Anel had earned about 12 million pesos ($594,000) from Sony Music, the latest “Prince of Song” label, a sum that would help him pay for Sarah Salazar and Sarah Sosa’s trial. , thus reclaiming Miami property that belonged to the translator. However, he learned that she is not ready to ease legal action.

The couple married in 1976 / file

They recommend him to fight, but Anel does not want to spend a single peso on lawyers; He told his sons that if they wanted to fight for the house and the apartment, they had to fight for them and then share them, but neither Jose Joel nor Marisol have the money to pay lawyers in the United States.” Interview with the aforementioned publication.

It turns out that the law firm would cost him to start the trial in Miami $5,000 and from there about $1,500 per hour of service, a figure that could become a million dollars if extended and the number of hours set. In the office. Disagreement properties are a home in Homestead, where Sarita currently lives with her partner, as well as a luxury apartment in Key Biscayne.

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