Sheep auctions, display space, and item capabilities

Sheep auctions, display space, and item capabilities

Sunday 08 May 2022 | 6:05 AM

Traditionally, auctions are only associated with cows and bulls. However, Montell insisted that the Rural Sheep Association be formed to promote the activity.

“When we started, we found that at auctions, sheep were a secondary animal in the process. Something was being sold there and wasn’t seen as a development in the area, but rather for bartering or birthdays. So, we create our own rural community where we separate ourselves from the cow” , as narrates reference missionary activity.

For five years auctions have been organized where the protagonist is the sheep.

“With this, a stronger, more formal presence was created, and with the tradition that these are our events, the producer brings in their sheep, goats, and pigs, which are also part of the sale. We got our own space, and that generated that interest started to grow,” he said. saying.

He noted that at the beginning of last year a night auction was held with only missionary producers and 200 chiefs participated in it, which was distinguished by the level of genetics.

There is growth, investment, benefit and a high level of production that translates into kilograms and quality of meat. With the auctions, we have seen the efforts that have been made in twelve years,” he emphasized.

Currently, Red Land has a livestock stock of 20,000 head, with growth in supply and demand as genetics are incorporated to improve the type of meat for sale.

However, we still need to develop a good genetic level, which takes time. What one is referring to is to quickly develop better meat in kilograms,” he explained.

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However, it has highlighted the development of livestock auctions to highlight the activity further.

In this framework, a new version of the sheep auction will take place on Saturday the 14th of February, which, according to Montell to El Territorio newspaper, will be attended by the president of the Argentine Rural Association, Nicolas Pino.

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