‘The important thing is to finish’: The Cowboys still haven’t celebrated far from eliminating their first game

‘The important thing is to finish’: The Cowboys still haven’t celebrated far from eliminating their first game

St. Germain. – There is no room for celebration in the ranks of the Vaqueros de Bayamón. Not when the job is not finished.

Today, Sunday, the champions travel back to Saint-Germain with a chance to complete a four-game sweep of the semi-finals of the tournament Basketball Superior National (BSN) Against athletics at Arquelio Torres Ramírez Coliseum.

Another victory returns the Cowboys quintet to its second straight championship series, and fourth in the last two years.

This is the data Captain Nelson Colón likes to keep in mind before it materializes in the face of a fierce sports team.


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“The important thing is to finish,” Colón said, after beating Saint-Germain 77-71 last Friday at the Rubén Rodriguez Coliseum to take a 3-0 lead.

“After we finished in Saint-Germain, if God wanted and put his hand to carry out that match and win it, that feeling would invade us there. What we do now is what we do and what we play for,” he added.

The Cowboys won all three games in this series, a rematch of the 2022 Final, with no scores leading by more than six points. In Ciudad de las Lomas, they won last Wednesday with a minimum margin of 88-84.

Bayamón’s defense was key, leaving Eddie Cassiano’s team at 71 points on two occasions.

“I’ve always said Bayamon has a defining characteristic in the past four years. As the series progresses, we progress. We’ve gotten a lot better at the readings. We start doing things naturally. Everyone’s on the same page and energy. I think that’s been the key. It’s the success that We achieved it.”

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I don’t know if people understand it. We are not an offensive team. We are a defensive team that plays well in attack. But our focus is to be the best defensive team ever. He stressed that we are proud of that and it is something that moves us.

Statistician Luis Modeste notes that the last time a team overcame a 0-3 deficit in a postseason series was the Vaqueros themselves in 2002 against the Capitanes de Arecibo.

Marvin Jones goes little by little

The Cowboys were able to dominate despite losing backup Jacob Wiley in Game 1 to a calf injury that kept him out of the playoffs.

He was replaced by center Marvin Jones. On his Wednesday debut, he was scoreless in six minutes. On Friday, he made his “Cowboys Ranch” debut with nine points and four rebounds in 15 minutes.

“You have to be patient. We have to help him so he can help us. We can’t replace Jacob Wiley. It’s impossible at this time. We need this guy (Jones) to help us. He’s still five seconds behind us. It could have been him or more.” Difficulty for any player. Two exercises and two videos. Bring it on and accept the challenge, ready to help. “Today (Friday) we saw the situation is much better,” Colón said.

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