The International Federation of Journalists condemns the attacks on journalists in the Dominican Republic

The International Federation of Journalists condemns the attacks on journalists in the Dominican Republic

The climate for press freedom in the Dominican Republic has become cloudy in recent weeks due to Police attacks on journalistsThe American Press Association (IAPA) today condemned it in its initial semi-annual report.

In its document, which will be submitted for approval at the upcoming semi-annual meeting, the International Association of Journalists asserts that police have suppressed and isolated reporters from Listin Diario and many TV newscasts that accompanied To the Ombudsman, Pablo UlloaAnd During the inspection in the car depot.

The report added that other journalists denounced the occurrence of attacks on civilians or obstacles to their practice, especially in covering corruption trials.

In addition, Complaints are registered From the media due to the reluctance of officials or public institutions to disclose information of interest to a citizen, which is formally required under the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the information, Hundreds of requests are still unanswered After the deadlines set by the law, which prompted the General Directorate of Government Ethics and Integrity to call on public bodies to comply with their obligations and not commit the crime of concealment.

The lack of respect by officials and institutions for the access law contradicts the positions repeatedly formulated by President Luis Abenader, in defense of freedom of the press and expression, which he signed at the end of October 2020 on Chapultepec’s comments And Salta, respectively, added SIP.

At the beginning of April, the report indicated that the Dominican Association of Newspapers (SDD) had expressed concern about the frequent attempt by persons associated with the events or judicial proceedings or their lawyers to sue requests to withdraw information containing accusations against them. Tennis Court.

The General Directorate of Sustainable Development referred to this by a ruling issued by the Constitutional Court in 2020. The right to digital newspapers has been recognized To keep on their platforms information about “meaningful events” that is legitimate, truthful, or from valid sources.

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