The killer of nurse Angie Noem Gonzalez Santos admitted: “I want my daughters to be well”

The killer of nurse Angie Noem Gonzalez Santos admitted: “I want my daughters to be well”

The killer who confessed to the nurse Angie Noim Gonzalez Santos Judge Emery Syntron Alvarado, the judge of Ibonito’s first instance court, who determined the possible cause of action against the man in the January 15 incident, told the media that he believed all three daughters were “well”. .

Roberto Felix Rodriguez Theos said he was not told anything when he was taken away by authorities for being in jail for failing to post $ 2.1 million bail. “Whether I speak or not, I’m still going to be bad. The only thing I want is for my daughters to be well, ”he said before being embraced by his grieving father.

One murder and three evidence must be destroyed against the accused.

“It is true that Rodriguez Theas killed his accomplice, who had three daughters with him. He then took the victim’s lifeless body to Como’s jurisdiction and dumped it in a vacuum. On January 21, 2021, the defendant announced that he had not seen his accomplice. After legal warnings, the defendant confessed to the murder, ”Justice reads in a statement issued by the department this afternoon.

Preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 1, 2021.

Forensic science is a complete autopsy

The Forensic Science Institute confirmed late Tuesday that the victim’s autopsy had been completed.

In a brief statement, Maria Conte Miller, director of the company, said: “The Institute of Forensic Science today completed the autopsy of nurse Angie Gonzalez Sanchez. The woman’s identity was scientifically confirmed by analysis of dental plaques and reported to her relatives.

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Lifeless body Gonzalez Santos, After being reported missing by the same defendant on January 15 this year, was found dead in the Como Ariba area, 4.8 kilometers off the PR-555 highway in Como.

Lt. Hector Maldonado, of the Iphoneito Homicide Unit, pointed out in a radio interview Tuesday morning (WKAQ 580) that they arrived at the scene after Gonzஸ்lez Santos’ partner admitted to killing himself. The man also agreed to throw the body off a cliff.

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