The national team will face “European” Suriname next Saturday

The national team will face “European” Suriname next Saturday

Mexico City /

Surinamecompetitor Mexico At the premiere of Group stage of the 2022 CONCACAF Nations Leaguea country located in South Americaalthough it is part of the region in terms of FIFApresents a team full of players Fighting in the ancient continent.

true that National ChoiceOther than his slumber, he shouldn’t have big problems to defeat in Supersonic plane‘s house Santos Lagunain the box South Americanbut it is also true that he will face footballers who are no longer as innocent as before, because they train and play in bras Football is a developed country.

For example, it is supposed to be One goalkeeperowner, Warner Hanplaying in IFK Goteborg subordinate section One From Sweden, who speaks of being a guardian of fine workmanship; Regarding some defenders like cases Maine Abena s Shaquille BynesYou work in Ludogorist (Bulgaria) s Slovak Bratislava (Slovakia), Straight.

spread outside the country

From the list of 24 items to face tripartiteOnly two play in the local league, with the traditional sv robinhoodand another in LA Galaxy Football League (MLS), albeit within their age-limited teams.

The rest is scattered in European circles, such as Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, IsraelOn the star categories and in French second division.

Sherald Bakerattacker Union Berlin subordinate BundesligaIt is the most prominent and the most expensive.

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