The latest news from Trevor Bauer with the Angeles Dodgers

The latest news from Trevor Bauer with the Angeles Dodgers

What is the latest Bauer news?

Bauer’s case remains in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, where it has been since the Pasadena Police Department submitted its investigation into sexual assault allegations against Bauer to the attorney general on August 27. That filing came eight days after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected it. A woman’s application for a long-term restraining order against Bauer.

What does that mean for MLB research?

The association initially granted Bauer leave on July 2 when it began investigating allegations of sexual assault against him, as a result of two separate incidents with a woman at Bauer’s home in Pasadena, California, as detailed in court documents.

Even in an enclosed space?

While Major League Baseball owners and players negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement, the league’s research group is still working.

When will the prosecutor’s office decide?

Various sources have indicated that Bauer’s case will not be adjudicated one way or the other until at least January and has little, if anything, to do with the holidays.

If Bauer is not found guilty, what does that mean for potential MLB discipline?

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has the power to issue a suspension even if no criminal charges have been brought against Bauer. (As was the case recently with Braves player Marcell Ozuna, who was suspended for 20 games and saw all original felony and misdemeanor charges dropped when he agreed to go into a leak program.)

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