The latest short news from the world today, September 21

The latest short news from the world today, September 21

Senate President Roy Barreras announced Tuesday that the Colombian Congress will be “pet-friendly” from September 26, meaning that members of Congress will be able to bring their pets to the region.

The president of the Colombian Senate, Roy Barreras, with his pet, Covid, announced that the company will be pet-friendly from the end of September. (Credit:

It is an initiative to set the Colombian Congress as an example of spaces with “respect and consent in favor of animal welfare”, The Colombian Senate page says:.

“This initiative not only invites us to remember our goal of being a global force of life, but also to recognize these little friends like my two dogs Covid, who fill our lives with happiness and it is up to us humans to reflect on the historic charter,” Barreras, a senator from the government party, said. .

Barreras has introduced his companion dog, Covid, which was adopted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bolivar Square in Bogota, to welcome other companion animals starting next week.

“This Congress is ready to welcome our four-legged friends and clearly has a responsibility that requires us to be caretakers of our pets and follow protocols for safety, health, responsible ownership and hygiene,” Barreras said.

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The congressman acknowledged the work of the Senate Animal Rights Caucus and said he would support “the inclusion of animal protection content in the national development plan.”

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