Nashville SC vs USA Match Summary (3-3)

Nashville SC vs USA Match Summary (3-3)

America With 10 men, he seemed to have lost control Nashville 3-2 inches America On top of that League CupBut the boss MX League In Will open in 2022 He gave the last word in 95′ with 3-3 Mosumbido To take the match to its definition in penalties, where he will be the villain fall Eagles 4-2 From the eleven steps.

It is a penalty shoot out

Although Oscar Jimenez He saved up to 69′ in the match, Fernando Tapia He was the goalkeeper who had to protect the goal and was able to do so on Nashville’s first shot; however, Alvaro Fidalgo failedCharged badly and couldn’t take advantage of it.

Nashville scored on its second attempt, forcing Federico Vinas to punt, and he made it 1–1; The locals continued to score and they made it 2-1, when Mossumbido was sent off, he failed to power the ball home.

Already at a disadvantage, Tapia was unable to stop the ensuing penalty and the score was 3-1 on penalties, leaving all responsibility Miguel LayunWell, if he fails, that’s the end, and despite all the pressure on a player who hasn’t had a great night, he’s managed to make it 3-2.

However, Fernando Tapia could not guess Nashville’s fifth shot, so the win went to the MLS side 4-2 on penalties.

Nashville played well in the first half

Due to the FIFA date, both teams came out with a replacement team, Eagles with Oscar Jimenez (P); Salvador Reyes, Jorge Gomez, Miguel Vasquez, Miguel Layón; Jonathan Dos Santos, Sebastian Martinez, Jurgen Tam, Brian Rodriguez; Roger Martinez and Federico Vinas.

Immediately Jimenez was dressed as a hero with his interventions, although he could do nothing in the 6′, Josh Bauer powerfully headed into the back of the net in the America area; Jonah dos Santos touches the ball, but not enough to deflect it.

Thus, the local team already won and the second goal came quickly in the 14′ of the game, Jacob Schaffelburg closed the pincer after a poisonous cross on the left side, where Miguel Leyen had many defensive problems.

It seemed to be no game for the Lion, and they mocked him very easily; However, America got on the scoreboard; 38′ into the game, Jonah dos Santos put a pass into the right side of the Tom area to score for the Eagles, bringing them closer to 2-1.

Then, just before the 39th minute, Ake Loba scored a third goal for the Americans, but it was offside and disallowed.

USA improved in the second half

At 51, Leyen would be the thorn in the side of many balls he lost in defence, as he leveled the game at 2-2 with a powerful shot from outside the area.

But the situation would be complicated for the Mexicans, because in 85′ Mauricio Reyes injured his knee and could not be substituted, so America finished with 10 men, which was taken advantage of by the rival, 88′ Jack Maher in the small area to make the ball 3-2 after Laun recovered. appeared.

The last word in stoppage time came from Mossumbito, who in the 96′, tied the game 3-3 in the last game; But history will leave him as a villain in the end, as he is only the second player from the USA to miss a penalty.

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