The mansion of actress Adamari Lopez in Miami | Mexico

The mansion of actress Adamari Lopez in Miami |  Mexico

A big surprise was born among the actress’s followers Confirmation of her separation from the dancer Tony Costa after 10 years of relationship and that her daughter Alaa was born of this love. It was in the month of May 2021 that the rumors of this separation were announced and became stronger and stronger, and the celebrities finally confirmed their separation.

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Specifically, it was the actress herself who shared the news of her breakup through a press release.

Today I want to share with you that I have decided to break up with Tony. I know this is hard news to communicate and assimilate, but as I have always done and with my own honesty, I’d rather hear from me“, He said.

Although rumors of a deteriorating relationship had already begun to surface months ago, she was the journalist and writer. Jomari Joysu who reported the case.

During the broadcast of the latest episode of her podcast “Sin Rodeo”, the 39-year-old fashion and beauty expert said that the news of her divorce… Adamari NS Tony It didn’t surprise him much. Cuts He commented that on one occasion he asked the dancer about his still wife, and he replied with something that made him think.

Although the event was very surprising, there was one person who felt a slight distance between the pair (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram)

“It didn’t surprise me much because I knew Tony a little, well, I know both of them and like them very well, but I worked with Tony in the look that dances, I saw him several times and when I asked him how is Adamari? He answered half dry. No not dry but answer …“, pointed out.

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What is Adamari Lopez Mansion in Miami?

after separation With Tony CostaThe dancer left the house, leaving the palace in it Miami For the actress and her daughter.

But this great palace is distinguished by its great detail and the great expanse of the land on which it was built. Specifically, long before their separation, the couple posted some photos and videos where you can see what the palace looks like inside.

In the house, white, gray and silver tones predominate. The walls are decorated with paintings chosen exclusively to give a good view of the place, not to mention the large windows.

It has a large garden surrounding the whole house and there is a small one Alaa He built his toy house to order. In addition, it has games and swings that you will enjoy at all times.

The other detail is the pool that the couple and their families enjoyed.

In the decoration of the room, gray and silver colors predominate, so this palace environment combines various white elements as well as some furniture with silver accents.

Also, in the dining room there is very modern furniture. Grays also appear in the chair linings to match the living room, but with transparent legs and a glass table. This setting features crystal chandeliers that have been placed.

Other decorations include portraits of the family, which are placed in the main rooms of the house.

On the patio there is a large table where the family welcomes their guests when holding meetings or outdoor activities. The kitchen is decorated with white furniture and part of the wall is covered with tiles in shades of gray and white. The environment is appreciated with a lot of light.

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While the room of the actress and TV presenter is decorated in a special way, there you can find very colorful pillows.

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