Osaka, Bills, Pinatello and mental health

Osaka, Bills, Pinatello and mental health

Nadia Podroska participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics In women’s singles and in mixed doubles. While resting against the cement tour of the United States, Argentina recalled the theme of the moment: Psychological health.

“Those who love sports follow us and wait for our results: please, before you write something about any athlete in any social network, think that we are people who feel and suffer things like the rest, that we do our best to give the best, because no one else suffers from the consequences of a bad result. Hate messages on social networks cause a lot of harm and have no justification,” was the beginning of Podroska’s message on her social networks.

“One of the sports I play professionally, Naomi Osaka Raised the issue of mental health. At #Tokyo2020, the whole world was hearing a star like Simone Biles. In Argentina we have a luxury athlete like Delfina Pignatiello suffering from constant attacks. why? Sport has the amazing power to unite us and train healthy people for society. Let’s not destroy it! Rosario added.

In conclusion, he thanked: “Thank you to all my team (current and past) for helping me and guiding me to achieve one of my dreams. Thank you to all the members of the Argentine delegation for these beautiful days of coexistence. Thank you to your family, for always being with me despite the distance and thanks to those who follow me with respectful messages full of love.”

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