The mayor of San Salvador remains without the official winner

The mayor of San Salvador remains without the official winner

At 12:30 a.m. on March 1, the Tokyo Stock Exchange checked less than 5% of the minutes.

The capital still does not have an officially designated winner in the municipal elections, because at the conclusion of this memorandum (at 12:30 a.m. on March 1), the Supreme Electoral Tribunal did not even review 5% of the meeting minutes.

At the time, none of the candidates most likely to win, Ernesto Moishund and Mario Doran, dared to declare their victory.

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With a 15-minute scan of 531 minutes, the New Ideas Alliance – GANA counted 494,000, New Ideas 696,000, while Arena collected 751,000 votes.

At the last stage of the day, the Mayor of the capital, Ernesto Moishundt, expressed his concern about the government’s actions in the face of the closing of the vote, in which he aspires to his second term with the ARENA party.

However, he stressed during an afternoon conference that “From now on we can say that victory in San Salvador is our victory. We will win the capital again.”

Ernesto Moishund, Mayor of San Salvador, cast his vote at the Centro Escolar Concha Viuda de Escalón. Twitter photos

The mayor was confident that the people took into account the projects he promoted despite the fact that his administration, he warns, is under constant siege by executive branch officials.

Mario Doran, New Ideas party candidate, also took victory for granted in various messages on his social networks throughout the day. At night, the party unleashed fireworks warning of the victory of the Edelicia Chair, but later, at the party headquarters, supporters waited for more important statements to mobilize. Until late at night there was no glimpse of preparing for any celebration for their candidate.

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During the day, Doran told several journalists that he was confident of victory, but at night he showed caution in his social media posts.

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For his part, Mushund said the election campaign was spoiled by the indiscriminate use of government resources and institutions.

In this context, in the morning he called on the government not to use the national civilian police or the armed forces during the screening process, and in the afternoon called on the international community to be vigilant.

And he insisted, “We appeal to the diplomatic corps, and to international monitoring, to the Prosecutor’s Office as well, to be alert to how these next few hours will develop, especially after the polls close.”

“I hope they respect, even the results that are really flawed with the fraud they’ve created, which has been coming in for months,” he said.

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