With 9% of the minutes, Asfoura, Yanni and Ziumara lead the primaries

With 9% of the minutes, Asfoura, Yanni and Ziumara lead the primaries


With 2119 (9%) of Processed records Out of a total of 23,880, the National Electoral Council (CNELast night, I announced the first results that gave Nasri Asfoura an advantage in National party, Yani Rosenthal en el The liberal party And Xiomara Castro free.

76 hours after the primary elections for these three parties ended, authorities emerged CNE At 9:20 PM, they released first results of 785 minutes for the liberal party, 1013 minutes for the national party, and 321 minutes for the party.

Results give him within the Liberal Party, from an initial vote of 64,795 valid votes, 35,850 votes for Rosenthal (55%), 18997 votes for Zelaya (29%) and 9,948 votes for Dario Banegas (15%).

270,628 votes in the first deduction, the first results issued by Dr. National Electoral Council They did not exceed 271,000 votes.

In the National Party, Asfoura got 101,573 votes (74%) out of 137,831 votes, and Mauricio Oliva got 36,258 votes (26%).

While in the Free Party, out of 34,536 valid votes, Castro obtained 26,228 votes (76%), Nelson Avila 5,237 (15%), Carlos Eduardo Reina 1,663 (5%) and Wilfredo Mendes 1,408 (4%).

The minutes were extracted and scanned and sent to the counting center CNE Tuesday night with suitcases from Comayagua and continued with the bags of Francesco Morazán, Santa Barbara, and Silas de la Bahia,

Empty sounds.

In the first 2,119 minutes, the National Party received the highest percentage of white votes (62%). Liberals 30% and 8% free.

Until last night, at the collection center located in Infop, it was CNE He got 95% of the minutes and is waiting for Atlántida and Colón to collect 100%.

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Kelvin Aguirre, Consultant CNEHe told reporters last night after the release of the first results bulletin that it should be remembered that “there are 23,880 receiving polling stations,” and from that number this institution already has “more than 9,000 minutes that have been checked.”

However, in the first cut, recorded until 8:00 pm, Aguirre explained, “Here we’re talking more than 2,000 Measures“.

Upon learning of the first results, Rosenthal expressed her happiness to the journalists and called on members of the opposition movements to unite in a confrontation General elections Nov.

Thank you liberals for voting on the unity of our party. It is time to confront this government that has held out Honduras I drown in corruption and lack of opportunity, “Yanni wrote last night on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Luis Zelaya expressed his dissatisfaction with the first progress in results that left him a loser. But he doesn’t consider himself defeated as 91% of the minutes are still missing.

Zelaya denounced last night CNE He was not allowed to compare the records they were scanning with copies owned by his movement, although since Monday he had requested that the electoral college “so that there is transparency in the process.”

“It is clear to us that there is a text here, and it is also clear that the expectations that were presented in the opinion polls were not correct, and it was not 6%, rather it was more than double, according to what is found in the results of CNE. He told the media that he does not tell us which department belongs because in the records we have seen there are huge irregularities and inconsistencies.

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In addition, he posted on his Twitter account: “Apparently, the polls were wrong, the difference was not 6% but almost twice … How convenient it has not been added even with dariobanegas We have surpassed whoever wants CneHonduras to impose a winner. He mentioned from which section these records are.

The critics

Before the Hondurans received the first statements, the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church urged them to: CNE To exercise their function ethically and not to “delay” the final audit.

Juan Angel Lopez, a spokesperson for the Episcopal Conference, responded after the members of the Council of Religious Councils, saying, “It is not about calling different sectors to calm, it is calling for morality.” CNE They asked for calm for the citizens.

last Tuesday, Anna Paula Hall, President CNERixi Moncada, the chancellor, called for calm and defended themselves under the pretext that the election law gives them 30 days to give official results.

And Lopez criticized: “The excuses are that they have 30 days to submit the final report, but they will not delay the matter much anywhere in the world.”

Reverend Alberto Solorzano, Representative of the Evangelical Brotherhood in Honduras (CEH), expressed that “it is unfortunate that CNE You haven’t adjusted all the details for development Internal elections Added to this is the delay in the official delivery of the results.

For Solórzano, the CNE By not giving results a night elections, Sparking clashes inside political parties And to create uncertainty in a society that believes that the authorities of that body are rigging the fraud.

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“Let us hope that appropriate decisions to leave this moment are made with lessons learned that will allow us to improve against General electionsSaid Solorzano.

dean National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), Francisco HerreraHe warned that the lack of information causes divergence and discord within political parties.

“Our recommendation is to simplify the processing of results and present them to the population quickly, and this will bring peace of mind to the political movements and they will be able to properly resolve their differences on the basis of dialogue and the law,” he said. Juan Carlos Scavi, President Honduras Council of Private Enterprise (Cohib).

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