The militant attacker of the Farabundo Marty National Liberation Front is an agent of the Palestinian National Council, according to the family. News from El Salvador

The militant attacker of the Farabundo Marty National Liberation Front is an agent of the Palestinian National Council, according to the family. News from El Salvador

The Chief of Security for the Minister of Health, Francisco Allabi, was identified as one of the attackers of a group of FMLN fighters the previous Sunday, and two of them died; He is originally from a town in Cuscatlan.

In Candelaria, a town in Cuscatlán, on the eastern shore of Lake Ilubango, little is known that Diego Francisco Alvarado Peña was serving as security for the health minister, Francisco Allabi.

Her parents, Blanca and Francesco, also don’t know how she got the position; What they say they are sure of is that he is a member of the National Civil Police (PNC) and that he left his home last Friday to go to work in San Salvador.

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Diego, as he is known from his place of residence, is 30 years old, and as soon as he finished high school at a private school in Cojutepeque, he enrolled in the National Academy of Public Security (ANSP).

As far as they know, Diego’s parents confirm that he continues to serve on the Palestinian National Council.

However, they were surprised that no one from the police establishment informed them of his health condition and the legal problem in which he was allegedly involved: They shot a group of FMLN supporters, two of whom died.

Yesterday, both people said they didn’t know much about their son’s situation. They reported that they could not see or speak to him because they were told he was unconscious. “Maybe when he wakes up, he’ll tell me how all this has confused me,” explained Blanca, who says she fears something bad will happen to them because of everything that has been said about her son and the case.

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In Candelaria, it is no longer a secret that Diego is being distinguished in the media and social networks as one of those responsible for the attack on a group of sympathizers of the FMLN.

Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon, several locals saw pictures of Diego as he was supposed to appear on the pier of Lake Ilubango, and others where he was seen with a rifle in a car.

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Moments after the armed attack, it emerged that members of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front had been attacked by apparently drunk people and that fans of a football club had shot the political convoy.

However, for Diego’s parents, this is surprising because their son, as far as they know, went out on Friday to do his shift, and they never saw him drunk and had a bad drink.

Candelaria’s neighbors were also surprised by the accusations leveled against Diego. They claim he was never known to be a problematic person with the place.

What if they had no doubt is that the vehicle where the front convoy was said to have been attacked, is Diego.

Another attack from the Minister of Security

This is not the first time that security personnel of officials in this government have been involved in acts of intolerance.

On March 12, 2020, Melvin Omar Quizada Hernandez, in charge of the environment minister’s security, was arrested for firing with his firearm at another motorist, in a section of Merliot Street, Santa Tecla municipality.

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The arrest was made after video surveillance cameras revealed details of the attacker and the vehicle he was driving, which was a motorcycle.

Unlike Diego Francisco Alvarado Peña, Quizada Hernandez’s neighbors described him as a problematic person, who argued with any of his neighbors in the Jardin del Vulcan neighborhood, installing a series of video surveillance cameras, presumably part of his security measures.

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