André Villas-Boas presents his resignation from the Marseille mayhem at a heartbreaking press conference

André Villas-Boas presents his resignation from the Marseille mayhem at a heartbreaking press conference

André Villa-Boas’ troubled tenure as Marseille coach could potentially come to an end early after he resigned after signing Celtic midfielder Olivier Necham.

the previous Chelsea And the Tottenham His boss confirmed at a news conference on Tuesday that he had requested his release from his contract.

The 43-year-old’s decision comes just days after an incident at the club’s La Commanderie training ground, in which a large number of fans stormed the training ground and inflicted heavy damage.

Fela Boas was also allegedly stoned with bottles, while some trees were burned.

Fans have been protesting the club’s current ownership and team performance this season. The weekend meeting with Rennes at State Velodrome was duly canceled as Marseille could not guarantee the safety of his players.

However, despite this and a number of other issues that have come to the surface during the current campaign – including intra-team problems revolving around wages and reported fallout between AVB and Florian Thauvin – the arrival of Ntcham was ultimately the straw for breaking the camel’s back.

AVB tendered his resignation

Villa Boa, who has already announced that he will leave at the end of the season when his contract expires, declared dramatically: “I have resigned because I do not agree with the club’s sporting policy.

“I said no to Oliver Necham’s signature. It wasn’t on our list. I have nothing to do with this decision.

“Nechem is a player, I said no to him. I didn’t know [he had signed]I taught him in the press this morning when I woke up.

“I am waiting for a response from management, and if not, we will continue to act.

“I don’t want any money, I just want to leave. I want to be clear with you, I don’t I don’t want anything from OM or Frank [McCourt].

Olivier Necham celebrates the registration with Celtic
Olivier Necham is unwanted by the AVB

“I gave my opinion on replacing Sanson but I cannot accept that as a professional [not being informed].

“It has nothing to do with the weekend events. It just has to do with what I want in the mathematical aspect which is not understood. Even for Nemanja Radongiونج, I was notified that morning.”

It is understood that Velas Bois is not getting along with the club’s sporting director, Pablo Longoria.

last week, With the club confirming the arrival of Napoli striker Arcadius Milic, Villa Boa, amid scrutiny of his position, was asked whether he would be the coach of Marseille until the end of the season.

He quipped, “Yeah, unless Pablo wants to fire me … I’ll be kicked out alive on RMC!”

Villa Boas insists he will take charge of the game on Wednesday night against Lens if his request is not approved.

When asked how he answered: “Professionalism.”

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