The minor Alda Villanueva Flores died in Roatan after asphyxiation

The minor Alda Villanueva Flores died in Roatan after asphyxiation


Suffocation Choking is a cause of death Alda Danelsy Villanueva Flores (15 years old), was killed after he called him The social networking site Facebook Assumed post in Roatan.

yesterday, Forensic Medicine from San Pedro Sula He performed an autopsy on the girl, which revealed that she had died of suffocation (they covered her mouth and nose).

Alda Villanueva Flores disappeared from her home on February 4 and was found murdered on February 6 in an area known as Marbella, in Roatan.

The teen went out looking for a job after she was offered a chance on Facebook.

Contact The social networking site Facebook He emphasized that he must attend a job interview. Someone took her to the interview on a motorbike and her relatives never heard from her again.

As of yesterday, the body was handed over to his relatives in San Pedro Sula And they took him to Colon Where you will be buried.


It is already known who killed her, and the only thing awaits him is to be arrested and put in prison. Alda’s brother said, “We demand justice for my little sister, so that this crime does not go unpunished.” He indicated that the suspectDanny Flowers, A member of a family known in Coxen Hole en Roatán Where he escaped and used a card San Pedro Sula“.

Following the charges against Danny FlowerHis brother, Obama Flowers, said on social media that what he did was unexpected, “We were created to try to help people wherever we can. I ask my brother to introduce himself to the authorities.”

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Without reservation

Despite the fact that someone was already mentioned as a suspect, it was done yesterday Prosecutor’s Office from Roatan He stressed that there is no preventive arrest warrant, but investigations are underway regarding that person and the case.

With th corpse dissectionAnd the Forensic Medicine He confirmed that the girl was killed, and that the Public Prosecution Office must conduct procedures to arrest the suspect.

They should also perform an analysis of phone calls and messages in The social networking site Facebook.

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