The mother wore a clown costume with her son to give her daughter one last smile

The mother wore a clown costume with her son to give her daughter one last smile

Last March 15, for his mother’s birthday, Twitter user Carlos Spindola, who lives in Xalapa, Veracruz, recalled the day he and his mother dressed up as clowns to give his 12-year-old sister a chance. He was suffering from a terminal illness at the time and died days later.

Carlos said that a few days after his sister’s birthday, doctors abandoned her after a long period of fighting the progressive disease. “It was a very difficult moment, but my mother felt there was something to be done,” Spindola said.

In view of this, the woman decided to organize a birthday party for her daughter, similar to any other children’s celebration, but the little girl could never attend. However, they encountered a difficulty which they soon resolved: “Because there was no money for clowns, disease had already consumed everything, my mother, who had comedy in her veins, wrote a very skit and got two clown costumes.”

A new obstacle arose, his relatives did not want to participate in such a thing given the circumstances they were going through, so Carlos came to her rescue: “When I was eight, I told my mother that I would be her assistant and that was what it was: I learned the script and I remember I behaved very well.”

“My sister did not stop laughing during the whole sitcom. And I still remember how surprised he was when he saw that the clowns were my mom and me. It was a happy day, so happy amidst the despair.”

Carlos continued: “My sister died two days later with a smile on her lips. My mother called him, until the last moment, his joy of life and the dignity of life ”, and finally he said: “Today is my mother’s birthday. I learned a lot from her: to love life even when it hurts, especially when it hurts.”

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Many users responded to his post by congratulating his mother, such as @Yanis_Borbolla: “Congratulations to your mother, tell her that her joy in life touched my heart today and I will carry this tweet for a long time, so that she learns to smile always and at all times.”

Due to the reactions his story sparked, Carlos Spindola commented: “I’m receiving so many lovely messages for my mom’s birthday tweet and all the messages, hugs and wishes I send to her. She’s so excited: she’s never received so many hugs before. She’s received so many hugs from our family.”

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