Arajet will use Boeing 737 Max aircraft in its new operations

Arajet will use Boeing 737 Max aircraft in its new operations

Arajit, the unknown name of a new air carrier with mixed capital: foreign and Dominican, intends to turn the city of Santo Domingo into a “hub” in the Caribbean, with Las America International Airport as the headquarters of its operations. .

For this purpose, the airline, which last Monday made its official offer in an act headed by President Luis Abenader, intends to use the aircraft. Boeing 737 Max 8a plane that suffered two accidents that paralyzed them all over the world It was re-accredited by regulators in different countries between 2020 and 2021 She hasn’t had any problems since then.

It’s the same plane that American (Airlines) flies every day, five flights from Miami to Santo Domingo. It’s a plane that flies to 189 countries every day.”Explanation of the Vice President of Communications for ArajitAnd the Manuel LunaGiven the complaints expressed by different users about the aircraft model that the company will use.

In addition to other US air carriers, operating routes between the Dominican Republic, the United States, Canada and other destinations in Latin America, use Boeing 737 Max 8 The mobilization of its passengers, after the American and European authorities gave the green light for the plane to return to the air.

Boeing 737 passenger plane the above Which will be used by Arajit He lives his “resurrection” for a year and three months, after an operation Re-certification After the accidents that occurred to two aircraft of this type and caused hundreds of deaths.

And one of the last companies in bring it back for your fleet is And theEthiopia AirlinesAnd the Airline to which one of the aircraft of this model belongs has crashed In March 2019, a few minutes after taking off from the international airport Dish (Ethiopia), which killed 157 people. Five months ago, in October 2018, another Boeing 737 the above I know has crashed After taking off from the international airport SukarnoHatta On JakartaIndonesia, killing 189 people.

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Those two planes crashed, nearly five months later, killing 346 people. Both events have one thing in common: They occurred on the aforementioned aircraft model, which is made in the United States, and via an automated flight control program called MCAS (Maneuverability Characteristics Enhancement System).

After these two accidents, Boeing was forced to ground all 737 . aircraft the above. Subsequent investigation concluded that there was a malfunction in the flight management system of this model, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Enhancement System (MCASfor them Silgas In English), it caused accidents, so it had to be modified.

According to a statement from Ethiopian AirlinesAt the beginning of February of this year 2022, a decision was issued to re-use the Boeing 737 the above It happened after Intense Re-certificationBy regulators in the US, EU, China and EthiopiaAnd the Therefore, aircraft are considered completely safe and free of significant risks.

Our pilots, engineers, flight technicians and cabin crew are all ready to take the plane B737 the above Back to Heaven and we look forward to welcoming you on board,” the company said in a statement posted on the website. the web From France 24.


the first Airline To resume commercial flights with Boeing 737 the above It was the Brazilian joule, in December 2020, according to an article published in BBC World. This first flight with passengers took off from the airport saw PeeBrazil, heading to the city Porto cheery. Gul said at the time that 140 of its pilots had received training in the United States to handle the aircraft, after revamping and reviewing some of its major systems.

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In May 2021, an electrical malfunction was reported on some aircraft of this model and it was corrected. company Boeing I mentioned that this failure had nothing to do with accidents. Two months later, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)CAAC) 737 aircraft authorized the above For Boeing to resume service. A directive from the Chinese regulator deemed the aircraft suitable for flight. So far no major accidents with aircraft have been reported.

The plane returned to service in the United States in December 2020, after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) re-certified it with other regulators, after reviewing the program and strengthening pilot training. Since then, there have been no new incidents.

the current situation

the page the web airline Connected A review in an article published on February 22, 2022 shows that 1077,737 models have been manufactured so far the aboveout of 4812 orders Woody aerial photos. Among these, 696 were delivered to various Airlines From Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Southwest It is the model’s largest operator with 69 Boeing 737-8s; Ryanair follows with 52 and United Airlines with 16. In Latin America and the Caribbean, Aeroméxico leads with 23 of the 737-8 and 7 of the 737-9. Gol owns 26 737-8s; Copa Airlines with 16 737-9s; Argentine Airlines 5 of 737-8; Caribbean Airlines 5 of 737-8; cayman Airlines With 4 of the 737-8 and soon Arajitbased in the Dominican Republic, will receive three The Model 737-8.

Arajit It will operate under the ultra-low cost model It will begin operations in May with flights to Costa Rica, Colombia, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, on board the aircraft called “Pico Duarte”.

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From June they will depart, reportedly, to integrate more planes and open new destinations on the continent and flights to the United States are expected to begin in the second half of the year.

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