The national government opens a health center for SEN workers

The national government opens a health center for SEN workers

“We are opening this health center approved by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, to take care of more than 193,000 workers in the national electricity system,” said the People’s Minister of Energy for Electric Power. (Mppee), J./J. Nestor Reverol.

From Mppee’s San Bernardino headquarters, he explained, the facility has 30 doctors from various specialties: pediatrics, traumatology, dentistry, lab, x-ray machine, and more. Similarly, at the headquarters of Marqués, where Corpoelec is located, we also have a wellness center similar to this one, with the same characteristics, with more than 27 specialists who will attend to workers and their immediate family members.

Opening of the health center in Mppee

Reverol explained that at the headquarters of the Managed Health Fund (Fasmee), in San Bernardino and El Marques, approximately 350 patients will be treated each day. “This will be a huge relief to the workforce, we must restore the health care system, to the guards who have been affected by this brutal and criminal economic and financial blockade.”

Similarly, he reported that the 66 health centers located in the national territory, affiliated with Corpoelec, are undergoing diagnosis, 49 of them have already been enabled, and another 17 are in the process of recovery, to move forward in building the best system.

Sectoral Vice President for Public Works and Services, explained that Fasmee has a direct line of interest, 08000-FASMEE (08000-327633), which operates 24 hours a day, where SEN workers can call and report their needs, and they will. It must be taken care of immediately.

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He finally noted that in recent weeks, 40 ambulances have been integrated into the same health system. “These vehicles were retrieved by our workers, by our mechanics from the National Electric Power Company, already scattered throughout the territory, operating 24 hours a day”

These measures are part of the national government’s welfare plan, to provide comprehensive assistance to workers who work tirelessly to maintain the reliability of the SEN.

Fasmi farm م

The People’s Minister of Energy for Electric Energy, J / J Néstor Reverol, accompanied by the President of the Fasmi Corporation, J / D Alberto Matthews, and the President of the Corporation, the Engineer José Luis Betancourt, opened a pharmacy that is part of the same health system for workers of SEN.

They integrate Farma Fasmee, which is part of the same health system for workers of SEN

“In the next few days we will set up a mobile unit for that pharmacy which will move in different factories and workplaces, so that they also have access to medicines. This will allow the Productive Workers Councils (CPTT) of SEN to develop a route plan for these mobile units in the various plants of the organization,” he noted.

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