“If there is not, it is not our fault; we are not traitors to the country.”

“If there is not, it is not our fault; we are not traitors to the country.”


That generated controversy and more controversy Kirol Figueroa I decided to represent United StateDecline option Honduras. Álgido started the topic when his mother, Sandra NoralesThey have written an extended letter explaining the reason for your decision.

wife Minor Figueroa He could not bear any more disdain and ridicule towards his son after losing the final match Under 17 World Cup with United State And he went out.

Keyrol’s mother says her son’s decision to play with Team USA happened because in Finafouth They put in a lot of pitfalls to be able to do that. He talks about how they wanted to send him to fl For a test, nothing seemed to them.

In the same way, make it clear that Keyrol did not reach Liverpool For the fact that he is a son Minor Figueroa, but because of what he showed as a footballer. He assured the club that they recognized him as Minor’s son when years later he came to the parents’ meeting.

Message from Sandra Norales, mother of Cyrol Figueroa:

“I said that at that time I would say the things I had to say, at the moment I would support the positive comments of my close friends and colleagues of my husband, rather than make fun of my son and put the negatives on what he does not get today and we did not have, and that we were close, they should worry On subcategories in our selection of Honduras.

Ask the Honduran Federation why there is no Keyrol today. We have set it up so that one day there will be without cost and money a single person from anyone other than our own desires and sacrifices, and only the few who know us know that well, the people who have been involved in these sacrifices and even they have given us a hand. If there is not today it is not our fault. Stop making jokes about your children’s dreams, they must admire how far we have come as a family, everything they said to harm our name is not true, nor are we traitors to our country because one seeks only the best for children.

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I just want my son to have what I never had, opportunities like that, all he wants is to play football, like everyone else, here there is no money, they pay him as they say, we left for money, he We left because you never gave it importance, because you have to do thousands of tests first before entering the national team, because it costs the world, and here you ask, who is Keyrol? They don’t know their son, aside from that they don’t know where he plays and that he had to take a test in Florida.

First, by paying an expensive ticket when your reference supports it. They should be happy instead because this sells the country everyone treats today, him and his father, Honduras is famous for being proud today, Honduras who excelled and teamed up with other teammates to qualify for the World Cup is Honduras.

We didn’t leave either because they insulted his father as ugly as you’d think, and what a bad thing in his 20 years of extraordinary career he’s only remembered as the last thing he did, something not even Keyrol remembered, more so. So now know thank you. Simply because someone else gave him the chance, because he always asked me when they were going to call him. Things as they are, don’t question Keyrol, ask others.

It has nothing to do with it here, he was given American citizenship by Maynor, Keyrol is Honduran by birth, British thanks to the sacrifices, the cold weather his father endured without knowing the English fart and the work of his mother who did everything to achieve the goal. Americans thanks to their maternal grandmother who immigrated to the US from 99 to burn their hands in a Mexican kitchen and cross the streets with schoolchildren, calling me a “golden cradle baby”, among other things, stop the sarcasm, this one thing we’re looking for something better, that we as parents haven’t We do not have.

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If you think that’s it, that’s only 5% of all I have to say. I am thankful for taking all that is positive to achieve goals in our country, what a need to do all that. We have so many talents that we threw them away for not putting things to the best use, and I will comment on the rest in due time.

Justice is justice, today I speak on behalf of my son, for the children of my friends who also play sports, for the Twis family who will one day decide who represents them, and for other immigrants who will one day have the opportunity. Do you know how many Hondurans are there in US dual passport academies who are trained for free in Honduras? And their parents pay for their training in American academies and that no one in the whole of the United States knows about them… There they have an answer.

Finally I will say one more thing, I want to make it clear to everyone that Keyrol is not in the Liverpool Academy thanks to his father, but by his own merit, he came to the Academy when he was five years old and later, when he was 12 years old. Even two and a half years ago before the pandemic hit Liverpool’s academy, they realized he was the son of a Honduran footballer named Maynor Figueroa because he went to a meeting that introduced the player for the first time.

I was always careful not to know anyone so that they wouldn’t say later they were there thanks to him. He exists because he has shown talent, because he has shown it, and not because of anyone’s influence. He earned it with so much work and sacrifices that no one could have imagined. Now yes, I ask you to speak whatever you want… Let the dreamer dream and put his name where he wants to put it. Thanks”.

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