Claude Joseph attacks the RD government with a statement

Claude Joseph attacks the RD government with a statement

Former advisor to HaitiAnd the Claude Josephtoday against Government of the Dominican Republic a statement of refusal issued earlier.

“This note Government. The Dominican is unfashionable, undiplomatic and arrogant. This statement of disapproval from the government. Haitian is free. Publish a press release about nomination From one country to another for a position The level of international institutions is uniqueJoseph said on his Twitter account. Twitter.

A tweet by Claude Joseph that comes shortly after Denial of the Dominican government About an alleged agreement between the president Louis Abenader and the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, to support the neighboring country to hold a position in Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

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“(…) there was no obligation of any kind to regularize the situation of Haitian immigrants and workers in the country or to support the candidacy of the former Haitian Minister of Public Health, Florence Guillaume DubervalFor the position of general manager of Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)‘, points out the statement.

It makes two clarifying points about President Luis Abenader’s position on both points.

“With regard to immigrants and workers; the Haitian government must make every effort to make official Haitian documents available to all immigrants and workers in the country. dominican republic‘,” the clarification indicated.

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With regard to candidacy for membership Pan American Health Organization; The Dominican president indicated that he could not specify any support in light of the fact that the government of Panama He is also a candidate for the same position and is an ally we have to talk about.”

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president Louis Abenader and the Prime Minister HaitiAriel HenryGathered in celebration Ninth Summit of the Americas which takes place in the city of Los Angeles, United States.

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