The NBA star fired for racist comments in Call of Duty

The NBA star fired for racist comments in Call of Duty

Racist comments are back in the world again, this time in the sports and video game sectors due to the racist and anti-Semitic comments of an NBA star: Myers Leonard.

The Miami Heat player hadn’t played a match since last January due to injury, and while he was recovering from his live performances on Twitch, they became more diligent by not having to play NBA matches.

During his latest live performances Call of Duty: A War Zone The player, also associated with FaZe Clan esports club, performed Anti-Semitic comment In which he described his rivals as “cowards” as they asked not to shoot them and referred to them as “cowards.” Kaik, A derogatory and racist adjective used to refer to Jews.

After these words that were not slow to shake the network, the The Miami Heat released a statement announcing the removal of Myers from the team Indefinitely as the NBA investigates the case to work out potential penalties.

For its part, in the field of video games, electronic sports and live broadcasting Twitch has also kicked the channel Podium player (do not know for how long) and The FaZe ClanA few years ago, one of the esports club linked to the player through some commercial actions and investments, announced this Cut ties with pvot.

Additionally, there are other companies associated with the world of video games and peripherals such as Origin PC and SCUF Gaming announced that they immediately violated all of their commercial agreements With the NBA player.

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Leonard apologizes

The Heat pvot team released a statement in it He apologizes and admits his mistake Indicating that “While I did not know what the word meant at the time, my ignorance of its history and the extent to which it was offensive to the Jewish community is absolutely no excuse.“.

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