The NFL rejected Fran பிரois’ request to delay the game until Monday

The NFL rejected Fran பிரois’ request to delay the game until Monday

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The Broncos have no quarterbacks today. Had their game against the Saints been played on Monday, many quarterbacks would have qualified to withdraw from the COVID-19 list. However, the league refused to delay the game by a day.

For a league source, Francois failed Saturday to force the NFL to postpone the game until Monday night.

Team leader Joe Ellis, G.M. John Elway and coach Vic Fangio tried to force the league to offer a one-day delay. Although some have suggested that the lack of team ownership hurts this effort, Elway has the juice; He is on the league’s competitive team.

Although Denver is run with influence by an owner, the game does not move. The league has made it clear that games will not be delayed for competitive reasons, and that only an unrestrained explosion (like Baltimore) will buy time.

The scope has changed: (1) COVID-19 protection; And (2) getting games. Games will be played as long as any explosion is possible – even if one of the teams is not a quarterback, there are no attackers, nothing.

Although the absence of key players (especially blockers) can increase the physical risk to other players during games, that concept was dropped – even if it was occasional. Once the league learns that it is safe to play from an infectious position, football will be played with those who are available to play.

Besides, as the Broncos learned, Assistant coaches Or other non-players.

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