The period of investigation and release of proceeds has ended

The period of investigation and release of proceeds has ended

The Defense Council of former lawyer Jean-Alain Rodriguez stated that the case was established by the Public Prosecution Yesterday, Wednesday, June 8, it reached its final stage of the investigation stipulated in the law, and with the completion of “the only excuse forSpecialized lawyer on behalf of administrative corruptionBibka) And the court to keep him in prison so as not to hamper the investigation given his past high position.

The council explained, through a press release, that pThe bond created by Judge Altagracia Ramírez de la Cruz on the occasion of hearing the extension requested by the deputy expired, as the court gave her (3) months to finish the investigation, and for this reason they must file an accusation in her court. Grant freedom as provided by law.

The Defense Council noted that “a year ago, BIBC notified the court, the country and the world that they had armored coil For bribery and exaggeration of business evaluation and requesting more time to complete the investigation that has been completed.

He stressed that PEPCA had not complied with the filing of the charge and now “as well-paid payment of filing work will be called within a maximum period of 15 calendar days, and all investigation work such as raids, confiscations, requests, interviews, and interrogations are prohibited.”

He stressed that after nearly 12 months after he was brought to justice without support and the arrest of the former Public Prosecutor, when the Public Prosecution claimed that it was ready to formalize the accusation, indicating that the file was solid and armored again, they did not comply and did. There is no accusation.

“It is a shame that until this date and after causing so much moral damage, arresting innocent people, raping their property, and using so much media defamation, Wilson Camacho and Winnie Bernice They are not prepared to provide the required evidence that supports the measure of coercion of the process in which our client is involved.”

In addition, he explained, “Jean-Alain Rodriguez voluntarily appeared on June 29, 2021, deprived of his liberty without explanation, without crimes, without evidence, without scrutiny, without witnesses, without risk of escaping, without obstructing the investigation before. buildings without being an engineer. PEPCA was given another 3 months of term and there is no single evidence of existence, overvaluation or bribery, the main reason the former prosecutor has been in prison for about a year, another reason that would hinder the investigation is that it has reached its climax. The inference that shows it is not fair but a personal vendetta made by the members of the PEPCA.”

The Bar Association confirmed that the deputy used a thousand tricks to delay the process and hide the evidence under the pretext that he should be in prison during the investigation, and yesterday this excuse ran out because the investigation ended.

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“But since the Public Prosecution Office itself has done this to the detriment Jean Alan Rodriguez Asking for an extension of the term, the wise judge must give freedom, so that our client, as in many other operations, can freely defend himself from “assumed” accusations,” he said.

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