The Peruvian government dismisses the police chief, accusing him of “extremely serious negligence.”

The Peruvian government dismisses the police chief, accusing him of “extremely serious negligence.”

(CNN Spanish) –– The Peruvian government has dismissed Lieutenant General Jorge Luis Angulo Tejada from the position of Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, after it considered that he had committed “very serious negligence” in controlling and leading the institution, the executive announced in a decision published in the Official Gazette.

“Very serious negligence has been evident in the control and leadership of the police institution by the current Commander-in-Chief of the National Police of Peru, which would constitute an incompatibility and unsuitability for the exercise of the office, making it necessary to terminate the appointment,” the document says.

CNN attempted to contact the fired leader via phone and email, but we have not received a response yet.

The decision confirms that despite the state of emergency declared in the country, crime rates have not decreased. For this reason, he points out, it is necessary to make changes “to reverse this situation in order to achieve better planning and implementation of the operational plans of the National Police.”

In September last year, the executive declared a state of emergency in three regions, two in Lima and one in Piura, arguing that the measure was necessary to combat crime.

In another decision published on Monday, the Dina Boluarte government said that Lieutenant General Victor José Zanabria Angulo would take over as national police chief.

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