The Puerta de la Montana Ministry says the regime's accusations “may be more politically motivated than legal.”

The Puerta de la Montana Ministry says the regime's accusations “may be more politically motivated than legal.”

The Mountain Gateway Ministry has denied recent accusations brought by the Nicaraguan Attorney General's Office, under the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, against three of its members, US citizens John Britton Hancock, Jacob Britton Hancock, and Cassandra May Hancock, and 11 Nicaraguan priests.

Likewise, he stated that the accusations appeared to be “more politically motivated than legal.”

The ministry said, “The accusations relate to money laundering and organized crime,” adding that it “would like to announce publicly that it denies these accusations and that it feels sad about this situation.”

Read the details in: Leaders of the Puerta de la Montana ministry used the money “to serve certain interests,” according to the regime

In turn, he noted that the ministry “carefully followed all legal requirements in the United States and Nicaragua that apply to religious and non-profit organizations.”

He also noted that “it has documents showing that the Nicaraguan government reviewed and approved all funds that entered the country, and that the organization works under the supervision of the government to ensure that all funds are used and managed properly.”

On January 17, the Public Ministry issued a statement stating that it had conducted an investigation in which it found that pastors of the Puerta de la Montana Evangelical Church had transferred significant funds for “alleged altruistic purposes.”

Eight campaigns in 2023

The Puerta de la Montana Ministry confirmed that eight massive missionary campaigns had been carried out in the country, with the support and assistance of the Nicaraguan government.

“Mountain Gateway operated financially under strict accountability by Mountain Gateway staff and budget review by the Nicaraguan government to account for every dollar associated with the events. No Mountain Gateway member personally benefited from funds sent to Nicaragua for ministry assignments,” the religious organization explained.

They took the opportunity to denounce that Ortega's accusations had become common.

“Nicaragua has deregistered hundreds of religious and non-profit organizations over the past five years, including, most recently, the expulsion of several members of the Catholic Church and the confiscation of church property. They noted that in these cases, the government usually includes a money laundering charge or other charges.” Other financial reasons for cancellation.

Look for a “diplomatic” solution.

Puerta de la Montana claimed that she did not understand the complexity of what was happening with these charges, because she had “always sought to respect the Nicaraguan government and acted within its legal policies.”

He added: “These accusations are based on misleading information, and Mountain Gateway will do everything in its power to resolve this matter through diplomatic channels.”

The imprisoned priests are scheduled to have a hearing on January 26. The evangelical organization added, “The government allowed the appointment of a lawyer to represent the Nicaraguan Mountain Gateway priests, but did not provide their legal advisors with charging documents or any files to prepare the defense.”

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