The Raptors are looking for a coach with candidates like Sergio Scariolo or Jordi Fernández

The Raptors are looking for a coach with candidates like Sergio Scariolo or Jordi Fernández

After the Houston Rockets, which has already decided that its chosen one is Emi Odoka, there are other teams for which the position of head coach is still vacant. For now, pending others to be added, Detroit and Toronto are the spots to look at. In one, a revolution is being prepared just four years after winning the NBA, in 2019, with Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, Danny Green, Serge Ibaka and Sicam O Van Fleet.

The Nick Nurse phase ended after a playing in As they were dropped from fighting for the bulls, by 50% in regular season (41-41)Good taste in the mouth over the years and bitterness for being a breather that the coach has not handled well due to the times and formats.

The nurse, already a candidate for other seats, gives way. Adrian Griffin, his chief assistant, has entered the wheel of people who will be interviewed to take over the most important position on the bench. among whom Mentionsed Adrian Wojnarowski other league assistants like Charles Lee (Bucks), Kevin Young (Suns), Mitch Johnson (Spurs), Darko Rajakovic (Grizzlies), Chris Quinn (Heat), a heavyweight like Kenny Atkinson or a brand new winner. Newer from the WNBA, Becky Hammon, experienced in San Antonio with Gregg Popovich. Another name on the list: Spaniard Jordi Fernández, who is currently with the Sacramento Kings.

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Fermández is the person with the most options to be the first Hispanic in charge of a full-time NBA bench. His background in the United States makes him an enviable track record. Last season, his boss, Mike Brown, was named Coach of the Year, giving him more exposure.

Jordy Fernandez, here or there

In conversation with Fernando Focha L witty In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Fernandez valued the progression of his career so that first interviews, such as those awaiting him in Toronto, could arrive, becoming Coach from the NBA. “I’m very happy with my career here, the progress I’ve made. They’ve always treated me here like one of the others because I’ve been here professionally for eleven years. I had an interview to be the head coach, and I think it’s very important to be able to go through the selection process.” Like these. Having my name there when I was 36 was very important to me. Besides, I was scheduled to go back to Cleveland, which is like my home. At that time it would have been very good for me and I think I was ready. But I also tell you that I’m not obsessed because I’m in a great place as an assistant and here assistants are very much appreciated. What do I want to be the head coach? Yes, but not at the cost of anything. Things, as they have been happening to me during these eleven years, will happen gradually.”. He narrated the process: “In my case, they came here to interview me during the qualifiers. Nine or ten people came. You have to prepare many things: how you will lead in different aspects, formation of players, strategy, coaching staff, etc. Many things you have to prepare. How to master the subject Statistician, which is very important here today. It can be a bit shocking, especially when it’s your first time and they ask you a lot of questions. I made it because I thought I had to show that I was ready and that I was very happy. It took about three hours, Although in my case I also know all the people who were at the interview, I worked with them. Thank you for the opportunity, although it didn’t come in the end. I still thought the job was mine.”. Nor does it exclude in the same way options for training on European soil: “For me it would be disrespectful to say I wouldn’t think about it. I still watch European basketball almost every day. Firstly because it’s training for me and secondly because it amuses me and I like it. If an offer comes up that suits me in so many aspects, going to Europe will be the same The option to stay here. European basketball, being different from here, is of a very high level and in the end the coaches are what we want.”.

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Candidacy of Sergio Scarillo

Another special section deserves from the names that have been linked to Toronto: Sergio Scarillo, clear head of the Spanish national team in the last fourteen years. in Hey ho Journalist Jake Fisher has added to the powerful mix. You will also be interviewed. Fernandez and Scarillo, both of whom have a Spanish-Jordi affinity, by nationality; Sergio, despite being from Brescia (Italy), has spent two phases as a national coach and remains so today – he has already made his debut on the bench in a match from NBA, but they keep the dream of looking for work for one season or more. Scariolo has the distinction of not only being a part of Nurse’s coaching staff at the Raptors but also of being a champion in the aforementioned 2018/19 season. Out of respect for his career, the 62-year-old Italian will be tested in the process. Currently, ignoring the duplicity of his club (Segfaredo Virtus Bologna) with the national team, he is waiting for the dance of the coaches that can take place in the Euroleague (Lasso, Ataman, Pasquale or Trincheri), which has already appeared in the pools to occupy it. Real Madrid bench if Chose Mateu does not continue.

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