The reason he rejected Real Madrid in 2022

The reason he rejected Real Madrid in 2022

Mbappe reveals the reason for renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and rejecting Real Madrid in 2022.

Mbappe's signing for Real Madrid is almost a reality, and media in France are reporting that the Whites will announce it on Monday. He has now revealed why he turned them down in 2022.

In France, they say Real Madrid will officially announce the signing of French striker Kylian Mbappe next Monday, as French sports newspaper L'Equipe reported on Friday.

According to L'Equipe, Mbappe had made his decision months ago, but the final details of the agreement with Real Madrid have not been resolved, which have now been finalized.

After several years in the narrative of his arrival in the White Team, it seems that the Frenchman has already made a decision about his new destination.

Everything indicates that Mbappe will join Real Madrid, the club that has been pursuing him for several years.

In fact, his arrival could have taken place in 2022, but the young footballer ended up renewing with Paris Saint-Germain for another three years much to the surprise of many.

That was until a few weeks ago when the striker officially announced his departure from the club where he became a star.

Mbappe recently revealed details about his future: “In the next few days it will be official,” regarding his next club.

However, while waiting for his arrival to be formalized, in a recent interview with CNN Italy, the Frenchman spoke for the first time about why he decided to renew with Paris Saint-Germain and reject Real Madrid.

“It was more than just staying at Paris Saint-Germain, it was the World Cup in Qatar. There were many things surrounding the situation. It was a great decision, a difficult decision,…”, Mbappé began by telling the aforementioned outlet.

“I just want to remember the best things… It wasn't an easy situation and I don't want anyone to experience it,” the striker concluded.

He was also asked about who he would support in the Champions League final, in light of the strong rumors about his arrival to Real Madrid, but he did not mention a preference.

“I will only watch the final. When you love football, you watch every match. I watch every match when I can… in France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy. All the league. So, of course, I will watch the Champions League.”

The presentation in the Spanish capital will have to wait a little longer, since Mbappe is concentrated with the French team in the European Cup, and the French captain's trip to Madrid will not take place, at least, until the end of that time. The tournament will be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14.

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