‘The regime raised threats’

‘The regime raised threats’

This was confirmed by the Venezuelan opponent, Juan Guaido He is already on Colombian soil, where he will participate in the summit called by President Gustavo Petro, on Tuesday, April 25th. And whoever was until a few months ago on the list of the interim presidency confirmed that he would request a meeting with the delegations present.

“I hope the summit will ensure that the Maduro regime returns to the negotiating table in Mexico and that a credible timetable for free and fair elections is agreed upon as a solution to the conflict,” he said in a statement. schedule of work. which will include meetings with members of the diaspora.

The former interim president has highlighted this year’s primaries and presidential elections as one of his priorities (the first being the one that will determine exactly which candidates will run for Miraflores Palace). about these He asserted that the ruling party had imposed a veto so that the exiles could participate.

The elections scheduled for October 22 are expected to be held. According to CNN, which quoted the president of the National Primaries Commission, Jesús María Casal, applicants have between the 18th and 23rd of next month to register their candidacies. Between May 24 and June 23, the application cycle will start with the names that have met the requirements in the previous stage.

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Guaidó Agenda in Colombia

In the statement posted on his Twitter account, Juan Guaido stressed that his goal is to ensure that Venezuelans respect their basic rights, such as the right to vote in the various elections that are held. He also confirmed that he would continue to denounce what he described as “crimes against humanity” by the Chavista government.

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela. – picture: Reuters

“I demand the release of nearly 300 political prisoners still in prison, and that they stop persecuting my family, my team and those who are fighting for a better Venezuela. Our fight is for free elections and respect for human rights (…). In the past few days the regime has stirred up Once again the threats against me and its aim is to silence my voice. I will not allow that to Nicolás Maduro.”

Opposition leader called on President Nicolás Maduro to define and even put forward the call for the next presidential elections, scheduled for 2024.
Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has called for transparent elections in Venezuela. – picture: Twitter / @jguaido

in his statement, The former president added that he would continue to seek more support, though he made it clear that he was “aware” of the “risks” involved in staying on the streets for public support, As I have done on other occasions. In addition, he emphasized that the priority is the welfare of the people, and elections are the first step.

“The struggle for Venezuela’s freedom requires its unification and includes the achievement of the necessary guarantees of respectable primaries and this is the unifying factor of the majority. For this fight to succeed, we have to make the presidential elections a real opportunity for change and the reunification of the country. This must be above any candidacy or interest,” he added. a personality”.

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Everything is ready for the summit in Colombia

Representatives of 20 countries, including the United States, are expected to meet on Tuesday, April 25, in Bogota, in an attempt to find proposals to reactivate the dialogues that began in Mexico City in August 2021, and which have become deadlocked. November.

    Gustavo Petro became the President of Colombia who visited Caracas the most in the first eight months of his reign.
Gustavo Petro became the President of Colombia who visited Caracas the most in the first eight months of his reign. – picture: Presidency

A delegation from the Unified Programme, which represents the opposition at the negotiating table in Mexico, had already held a meeting on Saturday with Colombian President Gustavo Petro.. Colombia has been one of the main allies in the opposition area in the administration of Ivan Duque, whose government has cut ties with Nicolás Maduro.

Petro turned around in the process and played almost a leading role in the political negotiation process in the neighboring country.

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