The Scientific Status of Sociology: Issues and Prospects

The Scientific Status of Sociology: Issues and Prospects

The application of sociology is vast, and in every sector of our society, we would come across at least one aspect in which it is used. In itself, sociology is the study of humans and their relationships and interactions. It is an exciting study that analyses the important feature that makes us humans: our social patterns. 

When it comes to the full scope of this subject, options counter and differ. As a college student, there is a lot to learn on these topics, and you should start now by getting your free sociology essay example in a database online. On this platform, you will find writing inspiration in students like you and other sociology experts. Their free essay samples can help you get a stable bearing on the scientific method sociology definition.

 Still, there is a lot to learn. While the free examples might help, this article would widen your horizon and explain the intricacies of this subject and why it is often argued to be a science.

What Makes Sociology a Science?

As college students who have been exposed to advanced knowledge, you come to realize that there is no standard meaning for science. The term is loosely used to describe the acquisition of knowledge. It enables you to draw facts and infer a valid conclusion based on evidence and reason. 

The science in sociology is no different. To test out the human behavioral and social pattern, we make inferences and draw facts based on physical evidence in our everyday society. It uses scientific methods to study these cultures and interactions. 

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Every individual varies, even among siblings of biological parents. These differences are due to the complex relationships in our body systems, the way we think, feel, behave, and process emotions. With sociology, we can prod these diversities and use them to equip ourselves with adequate knowledge to grow.

Justifications of Sociology as a Science

We don’t just make empty claims on how sociology is a science; there are several justifications to prove these claims are facts that should be considered. Here are a few of them:

Sociology uses Scientific Procedures

To make factual predictions, sociology employs scientific research and methods to back their observations. There are eight proven scientific methods. These are: 

  1. Observation
  2. Asking questions
  3. Research
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Testing hypothesis
  6. Conclusions
  7. Reporting
  8. Evaluating 

When studying subject matter in sociology, all these methods are used. A sociologist observes a specific human pattern. The next thing he does is ask questions and research how this came to be. This research can take months, years, even decades. After research, he puts forward his hip thesis and tests it. Conclusions are formed, and if this observation turns out to be correct, it becomes a fact.


Like we mentioned above, no observation or claim is ever pronounced as facts in sociology without due process. You can search online libraries for essay samples on how this is done. While empty observations can sometimes be made, they can only be factual by years of experiment and research.

Accuracy in Measurements

Like in the sciences, sociology accurately measures human relationships or other phenomena. Measurements in these subjects mean precise and clear definitions of facts or concepts. Sociologists measure whatever they want to study to get accurate results. 

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For instance, you wish to learn the correlation between weight loss and happiness and teenagers. As a sociologist, you must be willing to measure weight loss and how it relates to different levels of happiness in teenagers from different classes and backgrounds.

It generally comes in three stages: 

  1. Planning stage
  2. Data collection stage
  3. Analysis stage

Sociology can make Predictions

Like in science, sociology can make precise predictions of what might happen in the future concerning specific relationships and families. It usually happens most in displaced families, homes separated due to civil unrest, or even illicit affairs.


Though there are a lot of arguments on this topic, we can still say that the claims that sociology is science have enough justifications to make it a fact. Students who study sociology in our world today are highly sought after because a lot is going on for them to take observations on. There is much work to be done, whether we accept it as a science or not.

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