Bernard Engeno of Kenya wins the San Plasma Half Marathon

Bernard Engeno of Kenya wins the San Plasma Half Marathon

Kenyan Bernard Engino Como honored his candidacy as a favorite in the Half Marathon and won this Sunday morning event marking the 60th anniversary of this international race.

Alexander TorresDe Orokovis received a round of applause at the San Plasma finish line after a good race, which gave him fifth place in international racing and first place in the Puerto Ricans.

Meanwhile, Trujillo Beverly Ramos And the former champion here is Puerto Rican since this Sunday and fourth overall.

The 60th edition of San Plasma was attended by 1,315 runners.

Ngeno arrived here with a time of 59:07 in half marathons and started at 7:00 this Sunday.

Beverly Ramos was the first Puerto Rican to reach the finish line and the fourth woman. (Ramon “Donito” Jayas)

Enjeno, 26, descended at full speed on the El Azokuillo slope and was left alone in the race at 17km. He began to climb the famous slope that defines the race associated with Gibsong, and went 150 meters when they lowered it. Direction of the target in the urban area of ​​Como.

“I took advantage of the fact that no one responded to the fall, and I walked out,” Engino said. “It’s a rough path, many downs.” But 1:03 is very good to start the season. “

Gibson trailed by 1: 04.00.

Alexander Torres finished fifth overall in the exam.  He was the first Puerto Rican to finish.
Alexander Torres finished fifth overall in the exam. He was the first Puerto Rican to finish. (Ramon “Donito” Jayas)

The Africans developed the lead pack from the first meters of the race which started at a temperature of 71 degrees. Torres was on that team of about 10 runners, who in recent months came to Como as the best Puerto Rican racers both inside and outside the island.

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Ngeno, Kipsang and James Ngandu defeated the leading Peloton from 12km. Peloton crossed 10 km at 20.32. Nakandu stayed behind before ascending to Azokuyillo.

Orocoveño was in Peloton or in contact with it until the middle of the race. I progress from sixth to fourth. He was in that position when he went to the Azoguillo dynasty, but was overtaken by Fabiano Sulle and finished fifth on the finish line with a time of 1: 05.21.

It was a good match and it was recognized by the public who stood on the finish line.

“They ran fast in the first half. I hit 40 meters in Azoguillo. I finally realized it, they came out. It was my first experience in Como and it was a huge sign,” said Torres, 31.

Comeno Arnoldo Martinez He came in the top 10 with a time of 1: 10.25. He finished tenth.

The winning woman is an Ethiopian Get Alemayehu With 1: 13.36. He was followed by Karen Mayo in 1: 16.50.

Ramos finished with 1: 20.20. Paula Ramos followed closely with 1: 20.46. Both Puerto Ricans finished in the top five in the women’s field, signing a total of five international runners.

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