The second member of the Cuban baseball team stayed in Miami

The second member of the Cuban baseball team stayed in Miami

George Sail Fikurova, Equivo Cuba de Psychologist Baseball It ended up competing in the pre-Americas Olympics on Wednesday, Escaped from Cuban delegation This Thursday, Shortly before the group returned to the island.

Journalist Francis Romero told Diario de Cuba that five different sources from a close circle of players confirmed the professional escape in Miami.

This is the second flight of a member of the Cuban team in Florida. Last week, a young employee came from Havana Caesar Prieto left the team And missing.

With this, The ruling party mobilized its diplomats in the United States The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCPB) promised to carry out “damage control” on the sports delegation when it announced that Prieto’s decision had “caused resentment among his colleagues and other members of the delegation”.

However, according to sources consulted by this writing in Miami, the delegation officials withdrew their cell phones from the soldiers and gave them only a short time each day so that they could communicate with their families.

Official site too Cupid “Other names of talented young people have already been given when leaving the networks or will soon be done so by delegates,” he admitted.

The Cuban team beat Colombia in the pre-Olympics match on Wednesday. However, his two defeats against Venezuela and Canada They left the island in ninth place at the Olympics For the first time since that game was included in the program of the World Sports Summit.

After learning of the elimination of the island team, Miguel Theas-Colonel went through the match with a “fancy” and He described the deportees as “a few mercenaries.” Of the island They protested in the stadiums Against repression in Cuba during team presentations.

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