Pepe Aguilar reveals what it feels like to be Kim Kardashian’s neighbor

Pepe Aguilar reveals what it feels like to be Kim Kardashian’s neighbor

Baby Aguilar He had a very successful career and the proof of this is that he managed to acquire various real estate, including a large house in Angels, in a neighborhood where many Hollywood stars also live, including Kim Kardashian and her sisters.

The Aguilar Dynasty has managed to establish itself as one of the crowd favorites, with Don Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre paving the way for their families to enter the world of music. And if their careers have been maintained over the years, this is both baby, like their children: Najila and LeonardoThey inherited the talent of their ancestors.

Currently, the family lives on a farm Charo MexicoBut they also have a mansion in Los Angeles, California, which his translator has done For women like you“.

This is Kim Kardashian as a neighbor

In an interview with yordi pinkThe singer talked about the experience of being a family neighbor Kardashian-Jenner. He said the celebrities have lived there for several years and that his house is so close to theirs that he can even “stalk” them.

It was also announced that the singers in the same neighborhood are Drake the Weekndwho live on the same street.

In fact, during an interview with golden scorpionThe singer and YouTuber passed in front of the artists’ house. At the time, he noted that for example, The Weeknd’s home has a security kiosk to control who gets into his property.

Despite having these international personalities as neighbours, the Mexican regional singer said he has no contact with them. make it clear Lived for more than 10 years He is in the apartment unit and he hasn’t had any conversations with these Hollywood stars yet. “I’d rather not be greeted than say hello,” he joked.

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