The Senate will hold public hearings to discuss a bill that would restrict abortion on the island

The Senate will hold public hearings to discuss a bill that would restrict abortion on the island

Senate President Joseph Louis DalmauToday, they reported, in joint terms with spokespersons for the Dignity Project and the New Progressive Party, that they will hold public hearings to discuss the bill that seeks to restrict abortion on the island.

In the spirit that everyone can reaffirm their views and bring to light those very important statements, we will support the holding of public hearings. With them, we will make the sharing wide, wide and completely open. Some believe or imply that holding public hearings would change the minds of those who support or oppose the measure. Dalmau said.

Over the past few days, the speaker of the Senate has come under fire for his action on the measure restricting abortion to the fetal stage, which lacks public hearings and was supposed to come down to a vote in tomorrow’s hearing on Monday.

It has also been harshly targeted for saying that everyone involved in aborting a viable fetus is a killer.

“The legal and ethical arguments on the issue of abortion, contained in Senate Bill 693, have been thoroughly analyzed and debated on multiple occasions. This has been debated endlessly. For some, continuing to discuss the issue in a climate of strife and hostility among Puerto Ricans It does not seem wise or reasonable.” Dalmau added, it is clear that for some people claims of tolerance and “inclusiveness” only apply if they suit them or support their preferences.

The Project 693 He intends to restrict the abortion when the doctor determines that the fetus is viable or when the pregnant woman has already completed 22 weeks of gestation.

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